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July 20, 2012

Mark Calcavecchia


MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Well, I putted great, number one.テつ It was kind of a tale of two nines.テつ The first seven holes I didn't miss a shot.テつ I was 3‑under and skimmed a few lips.テつ I was just playing phenomenal.テつ And then I missed the fairway on 8 with a 2‑iron and made a bogey and struggled a little bit after that.
But made some nice up‑and‑downs on the back nine, including one on 18 for a bogey.テつ I hadn't hit a fairway bunker all week, which is the object out here.テつ And I finally hit one on 18.テつ I knew I was in the bunker, and I was walking up there telling Brenda, I just hope it's not flush up against the lip so I can get it out in the fairway, and sure enough, there was no way to hit it except that way.テつ And I was trying to get it in the grass before the heavy stuff, and the last thought that hit my mind was don't leave it in the bunker because you're in the same spot you were just in.
So I scalped it over by the stands on 1.テつ Anyway, I got it up in the bunker and made a 15‑footer for bogey.テつ So not too often are you excited about making a bogey on the last hole, but that was a good one.

Q.テつ Did you think the pin positions were tougher today?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ I did.テつ A couple of them are right on top of humps.テつ A couple of them are right over little ridges.テつ Some of them were all the way back, like 10.テつ There were a lot of pins that were‑‑ I thought were pretty tough.テつ Yeah, I agree with that.テつ I noticed that, too.

Q. テつHaving said that, Brandt Snedeker's 6‑under par round, what do you think of that?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Speaking of putting, he's the one of the best in the world with the flat stick.テつ Brandt is a momentum type guy, once he gets going and starts making putts and hitting shots.テつ He plays quick and he's got the quick tempo and he putts quick, and they go in quick.テつ That's awesome golf, 10‑under par.

Q.テつ How do you feel going into the weekend?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Good.テつ First of all, that was my goal.テつ I wanted to play all four days here, and not have to sit around until Thursday of next week over at Turnberry, so I'll have something to do this weekend.テつ I'm in a pretty good spot.テつ I don't see why I can't shoot a couple of more scores in the 60s and wind up with a good weekend.

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