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July 20, 2012

Anirban Lahiri


ANIRBAN LAHIRI:  Well, I didn't hit it as well as I would have liked with my irons.  My putting obviously wasn't as good as it was yesterday.  I think I probably hit it much better than I did yesterday, found a lot more fairways.  I gave myself opportunities.  I didn't convert a lot of them.  But I'm not too upset about how things have turned out.  I think I probably found two or three bunkers more than I would have liked.  And today wasn't easy getting out of bunkers because every bunker had a different texture than.  Some were heavier.
Pretty much all of the holes in the front nine are a little higher than the back.  So if you hit it into the bunkers on the back nine, it's tough getting it out and controlling the ball.
I'm happy.  I'm really happy I'm playing the weekend.  If somebody said even par through two rounds, I would probably take it on Thursday morning.
So I'm quite happy with how I've played.  I've hung in there.  I had to make a few crucial putts and I stuck to my routine and just told myself you're here to have fun, enjoy yourself, and that's really helped me this week.

Q.  This was the first real opportunity you've had to come down 18 with the fans.  What was that like?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:  It's been very special with me.  My dad has been walking with me.  My manager is here.  There's a whole bunch of other people that I know walking with me.  It's very special to me to have them there.  So I can't ask for anything more.  I'm happy that I've put up a good performance, a decent performance for them.  So it makes it all that more special.

Q.  Your dad said you were not aware of the big boys and their scores last night.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:  Right.  And my dad is a golfaholic.  I think that happens when you're the parent of a professional golfer.  You tend to‑‑ you know, like my manager and my dad were having a beer last night and jabbing with each other that they're both screen refreshers because they just want to know what the score is, even if it's been updated two seconds ago.
When we got back late last night, the first thing he did was open up his laptop and look at it.  I told him, Dad, just don't tell me what's going on.  I just want to go out there and keep doing my thing.  I mean, you can read all you like, but just keep it to yourself.  I want to stick to my game plan and I don't want to let how others are playing affect me, at least not yet.  Not until Saturday afternoon.  Hopefully I will look up and see where I am.
So, yeah, I like to be in my own comfort zone, which is to be in my routines, to do what I feel I need to do to play best, which is probably to keep to myself a lot.  So, yes, I've been doing that, but I've had a lot of fun this week.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:  No, not really.  I wasn't really thinking about the cut line.  I'll be quite frank with you; after I made a bogey on the 10th hole I was really upset with myself because I made some bad club decisions, clubbing decisions, rather.  And I seemed to lose my concentration after that.  On the 11th hole par‑5 I hit it into one of the singular worst spots that you could, and I made a good putt for par.  I think that saved me from losing it.  I was on the verge of getting angry, and I didn't get angry.  And that was very, very critical, because on a golf course like this, if you lose your temperament, it's all over.  Before you know it, the golf course will get to you.  And I've seen that happening to my playing partners today and the group behind me.
So I'm glad that I managed to keep myself calm and in the present.  Every time I lost focus I just told myself to just concentrate on the next shot, just hit this next shot because it was very tempting and very easy for me on that back nine to start thinking I'm in a good position.
And my caddie has been really fantastic, right through‑‑ even after I dropped a shot on 15, he said, come on, you've got three holes, let's get back in the red.  Let's focus on getting back in the red.  So I wasn't really thinking about where I was rather than what I needed to do.
And that was very important because that helps you to focus on what you need to do instead of what you've already done.  And look backwards rather than‑‑ or even project into the future.  The best thing at that point in time is all I need to do right now, and that really helped me.

Q.  So you made the cut.  Does your game plan change now?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:  Not really.  It's one of those courses, and the pins were really, really hard today.  I mean hats off to Brandt Snedeker for playing the kind of golf he did.  We were just wondering where he pulled that out of because it was not easy out there.  They're going to probably progressively set it up harder and harder.  And on a course like this, if you put yourself in the fairway and you have a mid iron, then you start thinking, okay, now, let me get aggressive with this shot.  But otherwise you just have to respect the course.  You have to, on most holes, play it 15, 20 feet out, either side, to the middle of the green and take your chances with the shot.
I think that's what I did well yesterday.  I converted those 20‑footers and 25‑footers, and today I didn't.  I could have had three or four shots less if I did.

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