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July 20, 2012

Richard Sterne


Q.  Not as great as yesterday, but still not a bad effort?
RICHARD STERNE:  Yeah, we'll see.  I think +2 should sneak into the weekend.  I played pretty well up until the 13th and then I just hit a few bad tee shots and just this course will do that to you.  If you don't put it in the right place, it's going to pretty much eat you alive, and that's just kind of what happened.  So I've got to work on a couple of things, but hopefully my game is not too far off, so if I can just get through to the weekend and post a good score on the weekend, that's what I need to do.

Q.  It was a run of four in a row.  What goes through your mind?  Does it get worse?
RICHARD STERNE:  Well, it doesn't get any easier.  You know you've got 17 and 18, which are tough par‑4s.  And I knew the cut is not going to be more than +2 I would have thought.  And just somehow find a way just to make pars and made a good par on 17.  And I hit two good shots on 18 and I've just got to take that and go into the weekend with that and just forget about four bad holes and go out on the weekend and play some proper golf.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
RICHARD STERNE:  Today actually the front nine was actually the tougher nine with the wind.  It's sort of kind of changing now.  So I played well the front nine.  And the back nine was supposed to be easier today with the wind.  I didn't play well at all off the tee.  Put it in bad positions and made bogeys.

Q.  Talk about the course conditions today compared to yesterday?
RICHARD STERNE:  It's very similar, obviously the wind is from a different direction but it's as benign as I think you're going to get it.  This place will be brutal if the wind is blowing.  The wind has hardly picked up, which is why you'll see someone reaching 8‑, 9‑under, I think.  Hopefully it picks up on the weekend so that the guys that play well will really jump up.

Q.  What happens now?
RICHARD STERNE:  I'm just going to try and find something on the range and just get some confidence and just think back on to the good shots I hit and make a few putts and try and be a bit more aggressive possibly on the weekend and try and put myself into position on Sunday at least to try and have a decent finish.

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