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July 20, 2012

George Coetzee


Q.  A better round today than yesterday?
GEORGE COETZEE:  I don't know.  I played much better today.  I think I made one double on the par‑3 where it was just an easy little up‑and‑down that I messed up a bit.  Otherwise it was a good day.  I played all right.  Would have liked that putt on the last to go in to have a little bit better of a chance of making the cut, but we'll just have to hope the weather comes in.

Q.  You mentioned the cut.  It's sitting at about +3.  What do you think the conditions are going to be like this afternoon?
GEORGE COETZEE:  The greens are going to be a bit more bumpy because they've had a little rain overnight.  I think they'll need a little bit of wind and maybe a little bit of rain, not too much to cool them off.  Yeah, I think 3‑over is probably going to get in, but 4‑over is pushing it.  But I'll just hope for the best.

Q.  The conditions today, you went out late yesterday and early today, how does it differ?
GEORGE COETZEE:  This morningwas horrendous; it was cold.  The wind was blowing into you like yesterday, and almost now the front nine is playing downwind, and this morning it was playing straight into the wind.  So the first nine holes were horrendous.  Then we got to the turn, and on the back nine the wind just died down and all the holes were just playing standard.  I wish it was just blowing downwind because then we might have gotten on to the par‑5s.
But I guess you just take it in stride.  It happens.  I'm hoping for some wind.  If it comes, great, if it doesn't, that happens.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
GEORGE COETZEE:  Yeah, it's just that double on that par‑3 that killed me.  But, yeah, I figured out my putting a little bit.  I felt better over the putter, which helped a lot.  And I did kind of, I guess, care less about where I was hitting it, and that kind of takes a bit of a stress off of you and makes the game a little bit easier.  It's always easier to make par after a triple.

Q.  What are you going to do now, sit around and wait, go to the range?
GEORGE COETZEE:  No, I'll probably just go home and chill a bit.  It's a two‑minute walk.  If I see the cut going to 4‑over, I'll come back and practise a little bit this afternoon.

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