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July 19, 2012

Hank Haney


Q.  (Question about swing speed.)
HANK HANEY:  I’m out there hitting it.  I hit the ball good for me today.  But I’m playing in front of Tony Romo.  I’m looking back to see where he is.  He’s 40 yards by me every time.  He’s got 40 yards by my 80 percent.  No, I’m swinging at everything I’ve got but it’s still—so the point is you can only swing so fast.  But don’t short-sell yourself.  Try to pick up the pace of your swing.

Q.  Hank, who do you think is going to be the top five finishers, if you had to predict right now?
HANK HANEY:  At the British?  Sunday?
I haven't been‑‑ I haven't been following it that closely.  I'd say the leader‑‑

Q.  Based on previous?
HANK HANEY:  Well, I always pick the best player.  If somebody asked me:  Hank, who is going to win?  I'm always going to pick the best player, because there's got to be some luck involved and there's got to be‑‑ there's got to be some luck involved and there's got to be good breaks.
You gotta make putts.  You can't predict who is going to win.  Whoever wins is going to take a low amount of putts and they're going to have something special happen to them.  They're going to hole out somewhere.
So having said that, though‑‑ I mean, if I'm going to pick, I'm always going to pick the best player.
So the last three years I coached Tiger, I picked him every time, and I was right 45percent of the time.  But I think the course looks good for Tiger.  I think he can play irons and he can play fairway woods off the tee and keep the ball out of the bunkers, because you gotta keep the ball out of these bunkers at the British Open.  It's a penalty every time you get in there.
Other players might take chances.  They need to move the ball down the fairway more because he's just such a great middle and long iron player.  So he can lay the ball back and he can still be all right.
Now, having said that, I mean, Adam Scott's off to a great, great start.  Adam Scott has swung very well this year.  Steve is a tremendous caddie with an incredible wealth of experience to help him through it.  And he's already off to a good start.
If he could put another round under his belt, I think he's in pretty good shape.  Because now he's 6‑under.  If he shoots another round ‑‑ let's say he shoots a round 3‑under, now you're denying.
Even if you're third scoring there's 3 over, you're still at 6‑under, you're still right there in the game.  So having said that, when I look at the leaderboard, I always look at who are the best players that are up there.
That doesn't mean that there won't be an unknown do something.  But Paul Lawrie, he's won before and he's actually played very well in Europe.  So he's off to a good start.  Tiger's off to a good start.  Adam Scott, I think, has swung very well this year.  So those players already are off to good starts.

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