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July 19, 2012

Nicolas Colsaerts


Q.  Tell us about this good story.
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Really, really good.  I had it on a needle early on, I hit it straight at the flag on first, straight on the flag at second, holed it, a bit of a treat.  But then I kept hitting very good shots.  6 hit it straight at the flag in, 7 straight at the flag in.  It was just a lot of very good shots in succession early on, so it really got the momentum of the round going, and just didn't really hit any bad shots today.

Q.  How about how the rest of the day went compared to everybody else seemed to be having trouble with the way the conditions have changed a little bit?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  I just kept on hitting good shots.  There's a few holes, like 12, for example, the par‑3.  I birdied that.  I hit a fantastic shot into the green where it's pretty hard to get right.  So I picked up a shot there, and then I picked up a shot on 15, which is usually not a hole you're going to look at picking up one.  So that's the way those really good rounds go.  You pick up birdies where the rest of the people seem to have a problem.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well, when you play this well, you don't really‑‑ you go through the elements without thinking how hard they get.  Like I said, I was just playing really well and I was just looking at my targets and just trying to stick to my plan and just did exactly that.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Yeah, very much.  I have never really holed out from fairways, so when it's this dead on to the flag you think you should be rewarded one or it was just a fantastic way to start the round.  Obviously the second hole you make a 2 and that gets you straight under par, and that felt great.

Q.  What yardage was it?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  I don't know about yardage, but it was an 8‑iron probably from‑‑ it was downwind, so it had to be probably 175 to 180 metres, so close to 200 yards.

Q.  How many times did you use the driver today?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  I hit quite a few because I keep it very low so I try to use the ground in between the bunkers.  So probably must have hit it like six times.  It might be seven, I don't know.

Q.  Were you tempted to go for 15 with a driver?
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well, no, when you're just playing with what's in front of you.  You want to go here or there then you just play accordingly.  It's not like I'm going to go hit driver because I want to take advantage of my length.  It's not a course you canplay golf ‑‑ like second or third you can hit driver, but it's like 15 paces wide so why would you.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  It's really cool.  But then we've only played one round.  So being in contention, that word wants to be used only when you get to like Saturday and Sunday.

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