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July 19, 2012

George Coetzee


Q.  How did the round go today?
GEORGE COETZEE:  I guess not as planned.  No, it was a tough day.  I think I hit half the bunkers of the 200.  But got out alive, at least.

Q.  Seemed to be two different nines for you.
GEORGE COETZEE:  No, I played both nines pretty much the same.  I was just up and down better on the front.  I mean the only birdie I made was a holed bunker shot.  So I wasn't really playing particularly well.  Yeah, it's one of those days.  Hopefully better tomorrow.

Q.  How is the course playing?
GEORGE COETZEE:  For me it's playing tough.  I think it's playing reasonable.  It's not as treacherous as the U.S. Open was, but then again, the weather was pretty kind to us today.  And that's what the British Open is all about.

Q.  Everybody has been describing the weather as pretty mild out there.
GEORGE COETZEE:  Yeah, it was playing probably as easy as it could have, considering it's afternoon at the British Open.  But I'm sure the weather will pick up during the week, and it will get a little worse.

Q.  That being said, with the conditions supposedly being the best it's going to be, do you suppose you missed the day to put a low number on?
GEORGE COETZEE:  If the weather was really bad it wasn't going to make a difference.  My game just wasn't there today.

Q.  What was the problem, off the tee?
GEORGE COETZEE:  Yeah, I hit a lot of the bunkers off the tee.  I felt a little uncomfortable with my swing.

Q.  Anything you're going to work on tomorrow?
GEORGE COETZEE:  Yeah, as soon as I get done with this drug testing stuff, I'll go and hit some balls and hopefully sort it out.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
GEORGE COETZEE:  No, just I've got to find the fairway.

Q.  In terms of the bunkers that you got yourself into, majority of the fairways?
GEORGE COETZEE:  Yeah, fairway bunkers, it's chipping out and then playing your next shot, so it's costing you one shot, then it goes five or six.  Considering if I was in the fairways in those, it could have been five or six shots better.

Q.  Nice to see Ernie up there playing pretty well?
GEORGE COETZEE:  Yeah, it's always nice to see Ernie up there.  And I hope they play well the rest of the week, as well.

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