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July 19, 2012

Martin Laird


MARTIN LAIRD:  I didn't give myself too many looks.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
MARTIN LAIRD:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely.  You know, today was kind of similar to I remember the first round at Turnberry, there was no wind when I played there my first‑ever Open.  And I think I double bogeyed my 16th to 17th hole and ended up shooting 2‑ or 3‑over, and today was one of those days I felt like I played the same, but I got in at even instead of 2‑ or 3‑over, which is a huge difference.  But obviously holing my bunker shot on the last hole helped me.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
       MARTIN LAIRD:  Definitely.  I mean, this golf course is tough in no wind.  There's just so many bunkers and rough everywhere, you've got to drive it good.  But today if you got it in play, you could really attack, because the balls were spinning back on the greens.  Normally links golf if you have 165 yards you're trying to work it and all that, and today you were just trying to play 165 yards and it was just stopping.  If you drove it good and got it on the fairway ‑‑ I'm not surprised there's 5‑, 6‑unders out there.  If you drove it straight and the greens are perfect, you could really attack the golf course.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
MARTIN LAIRD:  Just hit 3‑wood, aimed down the right, tried to hit a little draw and just hit a little block.  And it was going down the right.  I got a little unlucky.  If my ball was a foot left I could hack it down and make 5 at the worst case.  I was under the bush, a tiny tree, and I had to take a drop up from the rough.  And then I made a double.  Obviously that was a little frustrating.  But pleased with how I battled back after that.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
MARTIN LAIRD:  Not really.  It was just, you know, I just go to the range and just try and tighten up a little bit.  As I said, it's not like I'm missing greens with a bad shot.  The one on 18 is probably one of the worst iron shots I hit all day.  Instead of hitting them on line, I'm hitting them five to ten yards off line, so I've got 20, 30 feet on holes when I'm standing in the fairway with an 8‑iron hoping to have 10 feet.  It was one of those rounds.
But no, didn't hit it bad, it was just not spot on.  I'm not worried about that.  I'm sure a little bit on the range will tighten it up.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
MARTIN LAIRD:  Yeah, there's not many people in there right now, but it was still a nice cheer and we were saying that it would be nice to have that coming down the stretch on Sunday, having a large cheer.  Hopefully I get a chance to do something like that.

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