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July 19, 2012

Jamie Donaldson


JAMIE DONALDSON:  Yeah, I couldn't tell you where they were, but overall pretty good, happy.  But great stuff.  We've got to do it again the next three days and shoot some of the scores.  Today the wind wasn't there and the course was a bit more accessible.  But you know, it's going to get windy and wet I'm sure over the next three days, so we need to focus still on just one shot at a time, keep hitting them fairways.

Q.  Easy to stay out of trouble today?
JAMIE DONALDSON:  Pretty easy because there's no wind, but it was still tough.  You miss fairways, the golf course is very difficult.  You know, that's the secret of the week really, we've got to hit fairways and greens and give yourself chances.  There was a lot of pins out there tucked away even on a day like this where there's not much wind and you still have to play for green centers.

Q.  How were you on the first tee?
JAMIE DONALDSON:  Pretty good.  Probably the best shot of the day, right where I was aiming and felt pretty comfortable and hit a pretty good shot and then we're off and running.  I played pretty good.  I played better at the end, the last sort of eight, nine holes, so yeah, we're happy with the game.

Q.  You were relaxed anyway, but after the victory in Ireland, do you feel all the more confident about things?
JAMIE DONALDSON:  Yeah, it's similar, I suppose.  With links golf it's going to be windy and wet, similar conditions.  This course is probably slightly tougher, but we're not getting ahead of ourselves.  It's a good start, but we need to do it again for the next three days.

Q.  What was the best club in your bag?
JAMIE DONALDSON:  The driver was pretty good, hit a few fairways today.  We hit a few sort of scrappy ones that got on the fairways.  Yeah, the driver was pretty good overall.  We hit a lot of fairways, which is what you've got to do around here.

Q.¬† Do you think your score will be better than maybe‑‑
JAMIE DONALDSON:  You know, I'm not really paying much attention to what anybody else is doing.  I can only control what I'm doing.  I've gone out there, that's absolutely the best pretty much I can do today.  I've played pretty good.  I'm pretty happy with how I've done.  What anybody else does, there's nothing I can do about that.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JAMIE DONALDSON:  Just being patient, waiting, just got to wait sometimes.  Sometimes it doesn't go your way, and you've just got to wait and just keep practising and keep working hard on your game to put yourself in a position for that door to open.  We're playing pretty good, yeah.  Ireland was a great week, but that was three weeks ago now.  Now we're at the Open and tomorrow is another day, so we need to stay focused and keep doing what we've done today.

Q.¬† What are your thoughts on Adam Scott at the moment at 7‑under?
JAMIE DONALDSON:  It's very good.  Very, very good.  You know, if you do hit a lot of fairways out here, you can shoot a decent number.  On a day like today, this is as easy as this course can play, and it's still difficult.  You've got to be really on your game, but obviously it's possible to do that.  He's doing it, and good on him.  It's a very good score.

Q.  How do you feel about being leading Welshman?
JAMIE DONALDSON:  It's great.  I mean, how many Welshmen in the field?  Just me?  Oh, it's great to carry the flag.  It's great.  But tomorrow is another day.  We've got to just keep going.  My only focus is keeping the ball in play and doing that all week.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JAMIE DONALDSON:  Yeah, there's quite a few local support.  I've seen a few friendly faces out there, which is nice.  But yeah, everybody is here.  Still got to concentrate on the golf.

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