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July 19, 2012

Thongchai Jaidee


THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  It was raining in the morning.  After that the rain stopped and the wind is not very windy today.  You can see the score is quite low at the moment.
I'm very happy with 1‑under par today, being first up.  I think the cost you have to pay, hit the ball on the fairway and hit the green.  And the green is not very difficultbecause not really slopy.  You hit‑‑ the thing is your tee shot is very well, I think quite easy to hit on the green, otherwise you‑‑ I think the main thing is your tee shot very important for this course.  The course is not very long.  You have to use‑‑ I mean like driver, iron or 3‑wood many time in this course.  I think I use a couple holes a driver, I think two holes a driver this week‑‑ today.
I think the main thing today is course maintenance in the course, fairway, green and putt.  That is my key.  It's bunker in play every hole.  Sometime you need to be short, no need too long, because bunker in play.  That's why I'm very, very, very‑‑ I think very, very, very good for a tee shot today.  No bunker today.  Only two bunker on the green.  Good up‑and‑down from the bunker, yeah.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  Yes.  I think it's par‑5.  11, 1 and 15.  Just only two holes I hit driver today, yeah.

Q.  It seemed like (inaudible.)
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  Yes, becauseI work with my coach this week.  He come to see something is a problem, because last week‑‑ I think going to be last four week I'm very tired.  Last week I was quite tired because I have four weeks in a row, this week five weeks in a row.  Otherwise sometimes you get to rest and get in form, and yesterday I work with my coach about something wrong, try to swing ‑‑ swing is okay.  Sometime you loose on your body, sometimes your body moving too much, otherwise you lose contact with the ball.
Now we come back, we try to get very good contact with the ball.  I hit very good today.

Q.  The last few months you were very confident in your play.  Do you feel like you have a chance this week?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  Yeah, you have to try.  It's a major.  I know very strong players this week.  I try to get my best, like anyway make the cut is very important, otherwise next two going to be what going on, I don't know.  Depend the weather also this course.  If you have the bad weather, going to be, it's tough.

Q.  How many practice rounds did you play this week?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  I think it's one.  One at 18, one at five hole.  So good enough.  Because my caddie, he know the course very well.  Otherwise I work with my caddie, he know the course.  I'm trying to get‑‑ work with my caddie.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  My caddie is from England, nearby London.

Q.  Who did he work for before you?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  I think he worked a long time, I believe, more than 20 years in European Tour.

Q.  He knows the course well?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  He know the course very well.  In 1990 something, I don't know.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  Yes.  I use him about‑‑ start in Seville for a week.  Now I use two more months already here.  I'm very comfortable with him.  He help me a lot of things, how to do.  Give me something, I think very long, he said, you have to use this club, it's very good.  Good caddie, yeah.

Q.  Does he assist you on putting?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  Sometime I have, yeah sometime I have, not sure about the line.  He help me everything.  He has everything in his head, otherwise keep me very well, very well, yeah.

Q.  Is your wife here?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  Yeah, my family here last week and this week, yeah, two week.  Otherwise I don't think about back home, just five week already outside of my country.  Going to be two months, going to be back home after that.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  I think there's no complaint about a birdie because I hit quite a good shot, birdie shot about the two hole about three or four feet, like at 16.  I think we are No. 2, No. 2 a good iron.  We have about 12 feet on‑‑ about 10 feet, at least, on 2.  No. 5 was a good bogey on 5, because I hit so bad on the left then hit a layup.  Hit a good third shot and missed a shot for par‑putt, good two‑putt.
Par‑5 is very good tee shot, driver and 5‑iron and lob wedge.  Going to be three and a half feet or four feet.  It's quite close.
16 is close, got 4‑iron and 56, about four feet, again, yeah, birdie.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  I hit on the right side 3‑wood, on the right side, I think it hit on the thick rough, I think second shot I hit a 6‑iron short and lob wedge past the pin and run up on the green.  Good bogey.

Q.  Do you remember the first time you played golf in this country?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  I was from Asia first time I came here I know the weather really important, killing me on weather.  We come at first, I think it very cold and windy and rain come together.  I'm now learning how to play with the links course, how to use the weather.  I'm learning a lot of things.  I feel now confident because I play every major already.  Seven, I don't know how many year, I think this one about six time, my majors.  I think we try to get better last time.  Anyway, make the cut, the key for this week.

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