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July 19, 2012

Michael Hoey


Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ No, actually I wasn't burying my head.テつ Just technical thing, really.テつ You shouldn't beat yourself up when you're doing your best, put the clubs way in behind you.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Yeah, I get it here and I get it very handsy and it goes right‑to‑left, and I don't get through the ball.

Q.テつ You played with Daly.テつ Can you talk about that?
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Yeah, there was no‑‑ they were good, really good, yeah.テつ Just‑‑ I mean it was a perfect draw, really.テつ Just needed a little bit straighter.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Just want to make some good swings, really, that's all.テつ I don't care what I shoot, I just want to hit a few fairways and try to take that with me in a couple' weeks time.テつ You have to hit fairways out there, as well.テつ There's deep rough.テつ You can't play major tournaments with deep bunkers if you're not in control.テつ It's not being negative, but if you're not in control you're almost wasting your time.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Yeah, yeah, are wasting your time if you don't have control over it.テつ But, you know, I'll just try to enjoy it tomorrow.テつ Obviously the tournament is over for me, really, unless I shoot 7‑ or 8‑under, and then the cut is probably going to be 2 or something anyway, so you're talking 8‑under.テつ So I've got zero pressure, obviously.

Q.テつ You could use this as preparation?
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Well, I need to find a swing.テつ I don't know, just take a break.テつ I will hit some balls here.

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