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July 19, 2012

Adilson Da Silva


ADILSON DA SILVA:  I was in trouble from the tee and couldn't see much of a par from where I was standing there.  But I managed to make a par there and then I made three birdies in a row.  Wow, I was back on my feet again.
Yeah, I just managed to keep it together and also with the weather we've been so lucky today to just have the good weather.

Q.  What will you do now?  What are your plans for the rest of the afternoon?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Probably just going to go inside and hit a couple of putts and then just keep that feeling going.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Yeah, that was in my head.  That was like‑‑ it's just‑‑ it's expression.  I was just like, oh, no, it feels like the whole thing is just falling apart sort of thing.  So I lost my confidence pretty hard there.  And then my caddie, he keep you on, and come on, let's hit another good shot, come on, let's start again, whatever else.  So that helps a lot mentally.

Q.  Did that happen after the first couple of holes?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Yeah, I had a double on the third hole.  I start nice.  I made a par 1, then miss a birdie chance on 2, then double bogeyed 3, three‑putt on four.  Then I knew some tough holes coming up, the next par‑3, 4 and 5 were good holes.  So, yeah, I managed to par those two.
And I think, come on, this is sort of ease it up a little bit from here on and kept it together.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Can't believe it.  Yeah, I love it.  This is my third Open and it's nice to be here.  It's great fun.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADILSON DA SILVA:  No, it didn't work out.  Unfortunately I had a bit of a bummer.  Yeah, I think I'm enjoying it a bit more now this third one.

Q.  You moved to South Africa?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I moved to South Africa years back.  First I went to Zimbabwe.  I met Andy Edmundson, this gentleman who used to buy tobacco in Brazil, so he invite me to come to Zimbabwe to play golf.  That was about in '91, '92, somewhere.  Because Brazil, those days, golf really wasn't much there.  And obviously I was ‑‑ used to caddie for Andy Edmundson when he used to come up.  And then, yeah, he just gave me the opportunity to go try it out and see how it goes because, you know, as I say, there wasn't really much there for us, so I got a good opportunity.

Q.  You've been there 20 years?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Yes, I've been living full‑time in South Africa for about eight or nine years now.  But obviously before I used to travel a lot up and down Zimbabwe, South Africa, playing my golf there.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Royal Harare Golf Club was one of my first home clubs.

Q.  Who is the last Brazilian to play there?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I wouldn't know.  Sorry about that.  But I wouldn't know.

Q.  It's not a big sport?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  It's getting there, but we still have a lot of work to do there.  There is obviously Alexandre Rocha and other guys coming out, but there is still a long road ahead.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I think so, definitely, definitely.  I think the guys are already trying hard there, getting sponsorships, getting new guys on, and I think they're doing a lot of work behind the scenes there.

Q.  You grew up first in Brazil?

Q.  Where were you born?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I was born in a town called Santa Cruz do Sul on the south of Brazil.

Q.  Then you moved to Zimbabwe?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I went to Zimbabwe when I was about 17, 16.  I just got the opportunity.  I was very lucky to get the opportunity to go and just try something else.  So I was very lucky.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Pretty much in the beginning.

Q.  What was his name?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Andrew Edmundson.

Q.  How did you meet up with him?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I met him on the golf course.  The town where I come from, there was a lot of tobacco there, so all the companies used to come and buy tobacco.  And I used to caddie for Andy, used to go to the golf club, used to caddie around, looking for golf balls, making some money.
So, yeah, then I just met Andy there and we became good friends, and a couple of years later he invite me to give it a try.

Q.  What was the golf club in Brazil?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  It was a nine‑hole golf course, looked very nice, fun golf course.  Wasn't really much of a design.  But, you know, fun.

Q.  What was the name?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  The name was Santa Cruz Golf Club.

Q.  Now you live in South Africa?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Yes, I've been living in South Africa a long time.  Used to travel a lot.  For the last, whatever, been in Africa, been between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Q.  Do you have a Brazilian passport?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I got a Brazilian passport, but I got a resident stamp in South Africa.

Q.  Where do you live in South Africa?

Q.  Where do you live?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I live now in Durban.

Q.  Just trying to understand the Brazilians in the Olympics.  People are thinking that would be good for Brazil and South America.  Have you talked to many people about that?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Well, look, I haven't really talked too much about it with the PGA.  Actually Mr.‑‑ what's his name?  I think he'll be coming here this week, so we're going to chat more about it, see what they're planning, but they are working pretty hard to get it going there.

Q.  They haven't built an Olympic golf course yet, have they?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I wouldn't know very much.  I wouldn't know how far those things are going, because I don't really get in contact with them too much.  I should have, and‑‑

Q.  How often do you get back there?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Not very often.  I haven't been back there for maybe four years now.

Q.  But since you are a Brazilian national, you would have an opportunity to play for your team?
ADILSON DA SILVA:  I would, I would.  I think they would take obviously from the World Rankings, which I think it's fair the way they've done it.  Obviously we play the World Cup, and that's what they done, they choose first and second, which I got into a couple of months ago or the beginning of the year, something like that.

Q.  You played the World Cupfor ‑‑
ADILSON DA SILVA:  For Brazil.  But they already lost World Cup, so we qualified in Venezuela.  There was four or five spots.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Yes, I think we're going to have a spot already.  But obviously then you still have to be first and second on the ranking, World Ranking‑‑

Q.  I don't think it's going to matter, because (inaudible).
ADILSON DA SILVA:  Yes, sorry, I mean the players, individual players, they have to be‑‑ I should be‑‑ I think it's between me and Alexandre Rocha, he have the card for the U.S. PGA Tour, so it's always between me and him, first and second.

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