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July 18, 2012

Vania King


6‑4, 5‑7, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  Crazy match.
VANIA KING:  Wasn't too short.

Q.  Your injury at 5‑1 in the second set was what?
VANIA KING:  I have an adductor strain.  Like kind of the groin, which I knew exactly what I had.  I had felt it for a couple games and I thought I would call the trainer at the end of the set, but the end of set never came.  So I decided to call the trainer then, because, I mean I needed to get it looked at.

Q.  Is it something you were feeling coming in?  Just cold?  The night air?
VANIA KING:  I was a little bit sore in that area, but obviously because I was running for two hours and also it was a bit cold just it aggravated it.
Once you get it doesn't go back.  It's just going to get worse.

Q.  But you didn't have that yesterday or you did?
VANIA KING:  No, I didn't feel it yesterday.  I felt it like a couple games before I called the trainer.

Q.  Then she took a medical timeout in the third and you were up.  How did you feel about that?  Talk about that and the end of the match, how it turned.
VANIA KING:  Um, you know, I had my chance at 4‑2.  I was up 40‑15 and there was one forehand where I told myself, Go for it, go for, and it I got a little bit nervous.
So hopefully with more matches like this, more fighting through, you know, and playing top players and getting in this situation again, eventually I'll be able to settle my nerves enough.  It's obviously just one or two points that made the difference.
And then at 4‑3 she made some incredible returns.  Like I was trying to go body and unfortunately went to her backhand.  Then she hit the daylights out of the ball.  There wasn't too much I could do after that.
Her medical timeout, I mean, what can I say?  If she was injured, she's injured.  If it is in position that she isn't comfortable for people to see, then she's got to go off the court.  Who am I to say?

Q.  So at the end the match you banged your racquet, which is pretty much frustration.
VANIA KING:  Yeah, obviously, I mean, fricking long match.  Really don't want to lose it.  Yeah, it was frustration because I had chances.  I'm not devastated because I felt like we played some good tennis.  I played a lot better today than I did yesterday.  I am never ever happy to lose.  It was just so close and so long.

Q.  When we talked in Rome you were concerned about the virus you picked up in Indian Wells.  Are you over that now?
VANIA KING:  I think so.  I mean, it took me two months after Indian Wells to get hydrated again.  I didn't expect it to take that long.  It took a lot out of me.
But I think by after French Open I was fine.

Q.  Felt like you were past it and able to get back on a regular training schedule, or...
VANIA KING:  Yeah, well, I was playing tournament after the tournament, so just doing the maintenance that needed to be done.

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