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July 15, 2012

Jeev Milkha Singh


Q.テつ Jeev, an hour ago, we were saying very well done, and I don't think for a moment that you would have been in that playoff, and I didn't think you did, as well.テつ What was that last hour sitting in the player's lounge like?テつ What you motions were you going through as one by one, the field came back to you?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ I was just enjoying a cup of tea and some chocolate cake and watching it on television, and suddenly got excited.テつ I think God has been kind, and I think the field came back and I put myself in a to go in for a playoff.テつ I'm very fortunate.
I would like to thank a lot of people, you know, they have been by my side the last three, four years that have been a struggle for me with the injuries:テつ My family, my friend who coaches me, Janet, who was on my bag, my sponsors who stood by me like Callaway, UPS, Societe Generale, golf in DUBAi; all of these guys have been great and supported me through a tough time and I want to thank them all for this.

Q.テつ People don't realise that you have had quite a serious back injury and a lot of rehabilitation going on, and I know you dropped off the U.S. Tour and you were joint member there, as well, to try to get you fit, and clearly the return to The European Tour has worked wonders for you.テつ How tough of a time has it been for you?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ It has been really tough.テつ It's been more frustrating than anything else.テつ You feel like your game is coming back and another injury creeps up.テつ But I just stuck myself in there and said that you need to work on the physical side, and I worked hard on that.テつ Everything has paid off, and I just want to think about the good things and not what's past and I want to look towards the future now.

Q.テつ Your immediate future is a place at The Open Championship, you just claimed that, as well, and that must be a delight to you to think about going to Lytham now?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yes, and especially playing well this week and going into The Open Championship, I think it's a treat for me, and I think a lot of people have been there with me and I'm really glad to be inテつ The Open Championship and hopefully have a good week there, too.

Q.テつ Taking you back to that putt at the playoff hole, it was about a 15‑footer, what was going through your mind when it went in?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ When I had a putt on the last hole today, that was about 15 feet again.テつ I left it short and I said:テつ Not this one, give it a try, and I hit a good one and it went in.

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