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July 15, 2012

Martin Laird


MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Not too happy, 2‑over, but another good week.テつ You know, I played, as the day went on, I started hitting a lot better shots.テつ My short game was not very good today.テつ I don't know if the greens were slower because of the wind but I just really struggled getting the ball to the hole and any time I did, I pushed it or pulled it, and that was really the case today.テつ I didn't putt very well at all.

Q.テつ Just suddenly the wind blows‑‑
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ Yeah, obviously that had something to do with it.テつ It was tough to get close to a lot of the pins.テつ The course setup was tough today.テつ Yesterday I thought the pins were slightly easy and today they toughened them up, as they should be on a Sunday.テつ With this wind picking up, some of those holes are playing very tough, and just didn't really give myself enough good looks, and when I did, I didn't make them.

Q.テつ Is this what you can expect next week at Lytham?
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ I wasn't really out there thinking about next week, but you know, looking back, that's one thing that was good about today, get used to hitting some of those shots.テつ As I said, I got more comfortable and started hitting a lot better ones coming in, controlling my ball flight a lot better.テつ Starting the round, I struggled a little bit with that.

Q.テつ Do you ever find it's easier in the wind‑‑
MARTIN LAIRD:テつ I don't see any difference really.テつ As I said, I struggled with the pace of the greens today.テつ I just couldn't get the ball to the hole all day, especially in the wind, I was leaving them not just a foot short, but five, six feet short; 30, 40 feet, and leaving myself a lot of work from there.

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