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July 14, 2012

Tom Lehman


MODERATOR:  Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Lehman shot a 68 and is 6 under par for the Championship.

Q.  Good start with the birdie, and then a double on 2.  Talk about that a little bit.
TOM LEHMAN:  Yeah, hit a terrible 7 iron to the right of the green, and it plugged in the bunker and had virtually no shot.  Hit it over the green in the other bunker up against the other back lip there.  I had another no‑shot. Then actually got up and down for a 6.
So not the best start, but it was an erratic day from beginning to end.  Either hit a really good shot or hit a very poor shot.  But I got a lot of nice recoveries.  So when it's all said and done, I escaped really with a decent score from a very poor round.

Q.  There's a lot of quality players, yourself included, just behind Bernhard.  Is he too far away for‑‑
TOM LEHMAN:  What did he finish, 10, 11?

Q.  He finished 11.  10.
TOM LEHMAN:  He finished 10?

Q.  Ten, yeah.
TOM LEHMAN:  Four shots‑‑ is that second place, 6 under?

Q.  Yes.
TOM LEHMAN:  Against a guy like Bernhard, four shots is an awful lot.  He's such a precise player.  When he's on his game, he doesn't give much back.  He'll be very, very tough to catch.  Somebody is going to have to shoot a very low score to catch him.
But the course will give you decent score if you really play well.  So somebody who is 6 under, 5 under, is going to have to go out and just play great, and Bernhard is going to have to give us some help.  I'm not going to count on that.

Q.  How do you feel about your chances?
TOM LEHMAN:  I need to play better tomorrow.  I really had a poor day, terrible finish.  I mean, I escaped with some pars, but barely.  Hit a lot of bad shots today.  My swing is just a little bit off, and so I need to kind of go to the range and figure it out.

Q.  The golf course is so precise when it comes to lines off the tees and keeping the ball in the fairway and then finding the right place to hit the ball in the green.  What do you feel is the most difficult thing to manage in terms of the golf course?
TOM LEHMAN:  Well, the course can be had if you put it in the fairway.  I think that's really the issue.  No matter what you hit off the tee, if you put it in the fairway, you feel like you've got a chance to in some way give yourself a good chance for‑‑ to get the ball somewhere on the green or maybe close to the hole.
But from the rough, very, very difficult, and then you're playing defense all day.  And you just can't get a good score if you're in the rough consistently.

Q.  Thank you for your time.
TOM LEHMAN:  All right.

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