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July 14, 2012

Soren Kjeldsen

Marc Warren


Q.  Good round of golf.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, it was one of the most stress‑free days really.  Felt really in control of everything I was doing, which was different from the first two days, I felt like I was fighting it a little bit, especially off the tee.  But today drove it really well and had a lot of chances.

Q.  Spectacular finish to the round?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, it was.  On16, hit a good drive to the green, and holed it from 80 feet or something.  Unfortunately bogey at 17, but it was nice, under a bit of pressure on 18.

Q.  Did you feel this was coming for you today?
MARC WARREN:  The first two days on the fairways, I gave myself a lot of chances but didn't really take them on the greens.  Today really the short irons, I hit it so close quite a few times, and back nine gave myself a lot of chances and nice to come back on 31.

Q.  Were you driving each other along today?
MARC WARREN:  Probably the easiest 29 I've ever seen, holed ten foot worth of putts for that.  I said to myself once we made the turn, don't try to push it too hard.  Just stay patient.  The birdies will come.  Obviously I tried to catch him up, and it's difficult when you're playing with someone that's playing that well.  I just tried to use that momentum and started making a few birdies on the back nine.
The Dunhill last year was good, and played well to keep my card last year after a tough year so it was nice to do that there.  I did okay last year but don't feel as if I did myself justice at the weekend.  It would be nice to have a good day tomorrow.

Q.  Do you like the pressure that comes from being on top of the leaderboard?
MARC WARREN:  It's definitely a lot more fun, something I enjoy a lot more than just trying to make cuts or something.  Yeah, it's something I've always enjoyed.  That was great today, seeing my name on the board and just trying to get as high as I can.
On front nine, I saw Stevie Gallacher's name on the board, he had a good round early on and Martin Laird, he was flying and looking at 59 or something for a while as well.  Yeah, it's nice to have a few Scots up there.
SØREN KJELDSEN:  Yesterday, I didn't feel I played that badly but just couldn't get going, and after the round yesterday, I decided to leave the game, I didn't go for breakfast.  I still felt more or less in control of my game, and spent some time with the kids instead and got my mind off it and came out flying this morning.  It was great.

Q.  It's a very important tournament this week, not only because it's a huge event but also the last qualification for The Open to get in; how important is that for you?
SØREN KJELDSEN:  I would love to play but it's one of those things, I missed out at the qualifying in Sunningdale, so there for I planned my season after.  I'm not going to play.
So if I play well tomorrow and I get in, it's a bonus, but I have plans to have a little bit of a rest and be away from the game a little bit.  If I get the chance to go to Lytham, I will obviously smile and go at it.

Q.  What's your plan for this afternoon?
SØREN KJELDSEN:  Same thing.  The kids will get into the pool again and there's a little golf course at the hotel, as well, so I think we will spend most of the afternoon there.

Q.  Søren, Marc, both 64s, and the story of these respective rounds was the story of your front nine, first of all, Søren, and you had that putt for a 28 outward half, quite extraordinary.  What was the catalyst for all this today?
SØREN KJELDSEN:  I don't know.  I played well last week and I played good on Thursday.  I didn't have the best of days yesterday but I felt good about my game.  I didn't do any work after the round yesterday.  I just felt like I should leave it really.  I've got my kids here and we just had a bit of fun instead.
After I sort of slowed down, Marc took over.

Q.  You did, and indeed, what a finish, eagle, bogey, birdie.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, after such a solid day, I feel I hit a good shot into 17 and unfortunately made bogey from there.  But like Søren said, he got off to an absolute flyer today and I just tried to catch him up on the back nine.

Q.  When you look at your career, links golf has played a big part, because it was the Dunhill Links last year that you effectively got back on the path to recovery in your game, and so I have to ask you about how much you enjoy this style of golf.
MARC WARREN:  I do enjoy it, conditions like this, there's so many different shots available.  With the front greens you can pitch your shots and I really enjoy that instead of just kind of bombing it or just flying it to the hole every time.  I really do enjoy it and fortunately I managed to score pretty good sometimes.
SØREN KJELDSEN:  When I saw I was going to play with Marc, it was great.  We had a little chat, and then I don't understand most of what he says.  I think that's actually one of the reasons why he plays well in Scotland; people understand him.  All over the rest of the world, they just sort of look at him.  (Laughter). So I think he enjoys that a lot.  I always enjoy his company.

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