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July 13, 2012

Steve Stricker


STEVE STRICKER:テつ You got to make the cut to be able to try to win the tournament.テつ That's always my first goal, believe it or not, in tournaments:テつ Make sure you're playing on the weekend.

Q.テつ Talk about today's round.テつ Another good one for you.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, you know, it was pretty good.テつ Had a little hiccup right out of the chute on No. 11, my second hole of the day.テつ Drove it down there with a wedge in my hand and missed the green.
I've done that two days in a row off this lie, same lie both days in row.テつ Missed the green to the right and didn't get it up and down.テつ Missed a five‑footer.テつ Kind of wasn't the start I was looking for.テつ I was hoping to get a birdie before I got a bogey ‑‑ or no bogeys at all.
But I hung in there.テつ I was patient and hit some good shots.テつ Made a nice long putt at 13 and birdied 14, so I righted the ship pretty quickly and got her going in the right direction.

Q.テつ Do you feel like you've put yourself in position for the weekend?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, very much so.テつ I think right now leading is 13, so I'm three back; yesterday I was 4 back.テつ If that stays the case, I actually picked you up a shot on the lead.
And there is a long ways to go.テつ That's the other thing.テつ There is a lot of good players and a long ways to go, so I just have to keep doing my thing.
I need a low round.テつ That's what it's going to take.テつ One of these two rounds on Saturday or Sunday I'm going to have to put up a real low one and get right in there.

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