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July 12, 2012

Mikael Hogberg


MODERATOR:テつ Mikael Hogberg is in the flash area.テつ He shot 3 under par 67, is 3 under par for the Championship.

Q.テつ You had‑‑ you start on 10 and got to minus 4 through nine holes.テつ And I guess it was a little bit of a roller coaster ride.テつ Take us through your round.
MIKAEL HOGBERG:テつ I started out, I was hitting the ball well.テつ I birdied 11 and made a great save on 13 for par, which was nice.
Birdied 14, 15, and 16 and made a great par save on 17.テつ Hit it in the left sand trap.テつ Hit a great bunker shot a little too short and chipped it in.テつ Then I had a great drive on 1, about 200 yards left, and ended up making bogey.
You give and take on the golf course.テつ You miss a little here, a little there.テつ Just going to take advantage of it, you know.
Then I birdied 2.テつ I played well and hit a bad approach shot on 4 after a great tee drive, or a tee shot.
Other than that, I'm happy.テつ Couple, three putt‑‑ three‑putted 1 and three‑putted 5.テつ Other than that, I played well.

Q.テつ I guess the fact that there's still a lot of golf left, but you're near the top, that's got to be heartening when you get to your second round?
MIKAEL HOGBERG:テつ My goal, like last year.テつ Last year was the first time I played this event.テつ My goal then was to play all four rounds, and that's the same thing today.テつ I came in with a mindset that I want to play all four rounds, and I had a good round today, and come Sunday, who knows?テつ Joe Daley won, you know.

Q.テつ Exactly.
MIKAEL HOGBERG:テつ So you never know, but I'm going to take one day at a time.テつ I'm just going to enjoy it with the family and friends that are here, and so I like it.

Q.テつ What about your game suits this golf course?テつ Is it your length?テつ Is it your putt?
MIKAEL HOGBERG:テつ I think it'sI'm very consistent.テつ Just consistent and patient, and I love having my daughter on the bag because she keeps me‑‑ everything that I've tried to teach her through high school playing golf, she's coming back to me today telling me the same thing.テつ So it's great.
And I like it when it's tough and I'm consistent.テつ My motto in golf is good is good enough.テつ It doesn't have to be perfect.テつ But good is good enough.テつ I don't have to hit it dead square right in the face every time.テつ But if it's down the middle and good, it's good enough.テつ And take advantage of when you can make birdie.
So I had a lot of good shots and some awkward shots, but we're all going to do that.

Q.テつ The conditions of the golf course in competition compared to the practice rounds, similar?
MIKAEL HOGBERG:テつ It's a little firmer than what it was.テつ It's not as sticky as it was in the practice rounds.テつ But the greens are about the same speed as they were yesterday, and the greens are good.
But you got to keep it below the hole.テつ That's the key to not three‑putt.テつ Because there's a big difference between a downhill and an uphill putt.テつ Uphill putt is really slow.テつ Downhill putt is really fast.
So it's hard, it's fast, and I think it's fair.テつ So I think.

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