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July 12, 2012

Roger Chapman


MODERATOR:テつ Ladies and gentlemen, Roger Chapman, 2 under 68.

Q.テつ Why don't you give us a recap of your round out there.
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ Got off to a bit of a nervey start in my first U.S. Open Senior.テつ So I was a little nervey.テつ And then I hit a bad tee shot on No. 4, hit it into the bunker.テつ There's a lot of sand in the bunker.テつ Just tried to take the ball out clean, and I thinned it a bit.テつ It went into the bank, and then it went into the hazard.テつ All in all, ended up in the double bogey 6.
Managed to sort of scrape par at 5, and then all of a sudden got a driver on the fairway and birdied 6 and 7 and sort of felt more comfortable and played okay from there on in.

Q.テつ Roger, it must feel like Michigan is your favorite state here in the United States.テつ That's a good place for a success for you, seems like.
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ Yeah, love it here.テつ It's great weather, great people.テつ But as I said a little earlier, it's a long way to travel down to Grand Marion for dinner every night, about three hours.

Q.テつ Was there some following for you, based on that? Guys coming out, folks in the crowd follow you, based on that?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ Yeah, there was a few guys saying well done, Harbor Shores and keep it going in Michigan, and there was a bit of support out there.テつ So that was good, yeah.

Q.テつ With that success, coming into the Senior Open, probably your confidence was higher and prepared better and all that stuff blends itself into probably playing better as well?
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ Absolutely.テつ I felt very comfortable.テつ I feel comfortable in the position I'm in now.テつ As I said, just a little bit earlier, as it was my first U.S. Open, I was a bit tentative, but nervous on the first three or four holes.テつ Once I settled down, found my rhythm, and I'm totally enjoying where I am at the moment.
Just trying to‑‑ trying to just get to the next level.テつ So you're always trying to improve, and I think it's the competitive intuition in us or something.テつ We just want to strive to get that bar level a bit higher.

Q.テつ Roger, much is made about the greens at the PGA Senior and what Jack did with those.
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ I thought they were all right.

Q.テつ Comparing those to what you played today, is there any comparison?テつ It seems like there's a lot of tricky greens out here as well.
ROGER CHAPMAN:テつ There are.テつ And in some ways, it's quite similar, the greens.テつ There's runoff areas and humps and hollows and everything.テつ You've got to be‑‑ again, like Harbor Shores, you've got to be in the right position.テつ A couple of putts I had that were just almost impossible to get close.テつ So if you get in the wrong side of it.
But they weren't as quick.テつ I thought the greens were a fraction slower today than they were yesterday.テつ Maybe it was just me, but they felt a little bit slower.

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