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July 12, 2012

Jeff Sluman


MODERATOR:テつ Jeff Sluman, 67, 3 under par.

Q.テつ Jeff, three birdies on the front nine to get yourself going.
JEFF SLUMAN:テつ Yeah, we started on the back nine so the whole group made birdie on 10, and then I made a real nice second shot into 12, which is, we jokingly refer in the practice round, the hardest hole on the eastern time zone.
So I hit it in there close, like I said, made a couple of birdies, got to 3 under, made a bogey, played the front nine okay.
But really very happy with my start and my score.テつ But I've got to put the ball in the fairway more, or I won't be talking to you much the rest of the week.

Q.テつ Peter Jacobsen was talking about Tom Kite's round, used the word precision.テつ That seems to be the one that applies best, don't you think?
JEFF SLUMAN:テつ This golf course, obviously, it's very tricky to the eye, and we've only had a couple of days to play it.テつ We don't really know where the pins are going to be.テつ The greens have so much slope to them that your practice rounds a lot of times are just‑‑ not you go through the motions, but you're not really getting a lot of work done.テつ These practice rounds, we were working real hard both days.
So it was‑‑ it was a tough Tuesday and Wednesday, really, because you put a lot of time in.テつ The golf course got very firm out there, obviously, with the way the weather is and that.テつ So it's playing pretty hard, very difficult.
The rough is long, especially just off the fairway.
So fortunately, when I've been missing them, I've been missing them way left and right so I've got a little better chance to make a play from there.
Overall, this is a heck of a golf course.テつ It's got everything you'd want‑‑ change of elevation, slope, change of direction.テつ You've got to shape a lot of shots.テつ So if you look at the leaderboard right now, I think that kind of says, for the most part, the guys that do that well.

Q.テつ How about your year?テつ You've had five top 10s.
JEFF SLUMAN:テつ I've played well this year, but not great.テつ I haven'thad but a couple opportunities to win, and can't say I didn't get it done, but when I've had my chances a couple times, Freddy played great in Mississippi, Tom played really good in, obviously, in Birmingham.テつ So I'm just kind of plodding along.
But frankly, I just got to get the ball in play a little more.テつ I've driven the ball a little wilder than is my norm, and it's not good for me.
Some guys kind of live that way.テつ I never really have.テつ Some of these foul balls, let's say, I've been hitting off the tee have been problematic.

Q.テつ How do you cure that?テつ Going to the range?
JEFF SLUMAN:テつ You know, if I knew how to cure it, it would be cured already.テつ But there's a lot of practice.テつ Obviously, technically, I'm doing something a little askew, but maybe jump on a plane and go see Mr. Harmon.テつ That might be the best thing.テつ Thanks.

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