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July 12, 2012

Russ Cochran


MODERATOR:テつ Ladies and gentlemen, Ross Cochran.

Q.テつ This image is going back to the Media Center so they can hear you.テつ Media center, on Flash, Russ Cochran.テつ Russ, your round was going in the right direction, changed again.テつ You kind of flipped back and forth.テつ Was that conditions, or was that the difficulty of the golf course?
RUSS COCHRAN:テつ You know, I think it was me, really.テつ I had a couple of‑‑ I actually played pretty good golf all day, and then just had a couple of little lapses.テつ Started getting a little tired out there, long round.テつ Felt like I was making some pretty good swings, just made a couple little‑‑ was off just a little bit in the wrong direction.テつ Of course, you do that, it's hard to get the ball up and down.
But, you know, was playing good.テつ I wasn't real patient with, I guess, it was 13 there.テつ I had a cart going up the left, and I was trying to wave the cart out of the way.テつ Then I got over it and got ready to hit, and then the cart started going again.テつ Then I backed off.テつ Anyway, that was the worst swing of the day and felt like it was kind of related to the fact that I lost my concentration.テつ You know, that disappoints me.
I feel like I'm better than that, and I should have jumped back in there and reset, reset my mind and put a good swing on that, and I might have had a different round.

Q.テつ Your Senior British win, does that get you in a better mindset through all the Majors that you've played following that?
RUSS COCHRAN:テつ Well, it does, and it kind of points out the fact that, you played good, solid golf for four days and play as hard as you can and kind of hope you play good golf, but you hope you get that streak where you do something really special at the right time.
But this golf course has everyone's attention.テつ The rough was certainly a big factor.テつ I thought they did a nice job of setting the golf course up today.テつ The Greens were negotiable out there, and I think they had their hands full because they have to keep it probably barely softer and slower for the afternoon and that maybe lends itself to some good scores in the morning.
So I thought they did a good job, wonderful golf course.テつ And if you get it going and hit it straight and drive it in the fairway, you can post some good numbers.

Q.テつ One last question.テつ You're under par at the U.S. Senior Open.テつ That's always a good thing.テつ You talked about where you left some, but still your mindset's got to be positive based on the fact that you're under par after one round?
RUSS COCHRAN:テつ It is.テつ I've got a strain in kind of my back left shoulder blade area and stuff, and I wasn't sure.テつ Kind of helped me today, actually, because it kept me nice and smooth and kept me, hey, just hit fairways and go along and play the golf course, and I think sometimes that's a better mindset to play the U.S. Open.
I normally maybe would have gone, tried to cut a few corners and maybe been a little more aggressive.テつ So maybe that was a blessing in disguise.
But yeah, you start under par at any USGA event, and you've done well, and now you just have to maintain and prove and, like I said, keep your patience and keep your cool.

Q.テつ Thank you, Russ.

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