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July 12, 2012

Marc Warren


MARC WARREN:  Disappointing at the last, making five, bogey, dropping a shot.  I hit two decent shots in there, hit a good first putt, ran it four or five feet past and then had a good second putt.  Lipped‑out.
Disappointed to finish like that but overall I didn't feel as if I was playing that well today, so it was good to shoot 4‑under.

Q.  Only the first round but you're right in contention?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, obviously Molinari was on fire this morning, kind of watching, maybe 59 was on for a little while.  Yeah, just trying to make as many birdies as I could.  The course was absolutely perfect this morning and the greens were as pure as you could get them.

Q.  I know you're a nice guy, but is there part of you that was thinking, I do not want a fellow golfer at my home open to shoot 59‑‑
MARC WARREN:  Well, if anyone is going to do it, Molinari is such a nice guy, you wouldn't mind him to do it.  Yeah, it was plenty exciting, I think he had five holes to go and maybe four birdies or something.

Q.  You've spoken you're happy enough with 4‑under, but does this change the mentality for this evening dropping a shot?
MARC WARREN:  Not bothered about it.  Dropped a shot somewhere else during the round but also holed a bunker shot with four holes to go and that got me to 5‑under, gave myself a couple other chances.
Like I said, I wasn't driving it that well especially on the back nine, on the front nine, which was my back nine.  So to come off with two shots on the back nine is very pleasing.

Q.  4‑under, you would have taken that at the start of the day I guess.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, when we teed off the wind was a bit stronger than it is now, so 4‑under would have been a good score.  But I think we got a nice draw, right in the middle of the round it died down and the course was definitely there for taking.

Q.  Disappointing with the bogey at the end?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, I hit a good wedge and was in a divot my second shot.  Left was dead there, and missed it right, had an okay first putt, hit it just a little firm.  The second putt, lipped‑out, but I hit a good putt there so not too disappointed.
The golf course is in such good condition, and the greens are absolutely pure.

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