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July 12, 2012

David Eger


Q.テつ David, great round.テつ Minus 1.テつ You had it a little bit lower than that through the earlier parts of the round.テつ Tell us what you did right.
DAVID EGER:テつ Well, I started out poor. テつI bogeyed the 1st and the 3rd hole, I believe.テつ Then I made some birdies and got it back.テつ Had a difficult time driving the ball on the fairway, which out here leads to nothing good.
I did get it back again to 2 under with two to play.テつ Just hit it in the rough one more time on the last hole and couldn't get it up and down from the edge of the green. But all in all, pretty well pleased, especially with the way I hit the ball off the tee.

Q.テつ Now, the conditions were good for scoring.テつ You probably felt you left a couple out there probably, I guess, right?
DAVID EGER:テつ Well, today I felt like it all sort of evened out.テつ I didn't drive the ball well.テつ I couldn't seem to get the ball on the fairway no matter what I tried.
No, there's virtually no wind, light winds, and there's still some moisture in the greens.テつ So it's very gettable, but it's still a very demanding course, especially off the tee.

Q.テつ So the precision on the tee is A‑number one?
DAVID EGER:テつ Yes, A‑number one, driving.

Q.テつ And putting?
DAVID EGER:テつ Oh, yeah, there are a lot of greens that have a tremendous amount of undulations.テつ So long putting is kind of difficult.テつ You know, just like any major championship, anything from eight feet in, you've got to be making those putts to shoot under par.

Q.テつ You got a little bit of knowledge of the golf course.テつ When the wind comes up, is that more of a defense than anything because it's a linksy style?
DAVID EGER:テつ Well, it won't be any easier with the wind no matter what direction it would blow.テつ I wouldn't want to see the wind blow more than ten miles an hour out here because then I think your greens get crusty and get more difficult to manage the ball around the greens and on approach shots.

Q.テつ I think we're in store for three more relatively calm days like we had on Thursday.テつ So all in all, I think it looks like it's going to be a nice week for everybody.テつ So with that in mind, does that mean you've got to try to be a little bit more aggressive to try to stay in the top?
DAVID EGER:テつ Well, did Kite finish with 7?

Q.テつ No, he made a couple dogs on 15.
DAVID EGER:テつ He finished at 5?

Q.テつ Yes.
DAVID EGER:テつ I don't think with par down to 70, I don't think it would ever get to double digits under par to win this thing.テつ I think anything in the red is very, very good this week.テつ I don't think there will be any extremely low numbers shot.
Par 70, remove two shots right there, and we're playing some holes all the way back at their normal par 5 length even though they're par 4s. テつSo I think anything in the red would be good.

Q.テつ Perfect.テつ You're off to a good start because you're minus 1.テつ Great job.テつ

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