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July 12, 2012

Damon Green


THE MODERATOR:テつ Ladies and gentlemen, Damon Green, 68, 2 under par.
DAMON GREEN:テつ I'd like to thank my sponsors, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Q.テつ Great day today.
DAMON GREEN:テつ 2 under is unbelievable.テつ I didn't think there was anyone who would beat 2 under for the tournament in the practice rounds.テつ Tom Kite was playing in front of me.テつ He kept making birdies and eagles and shots like 7 under on the front.テつ I think they softened up the greens a little bit this morning, and they were receptive, and they weren't near as fast as they were in the practice rounds.テつ It was out there.テつ If you hit good quality shots, you're rewarded.
I played really, really good today, really good.テつ Hit a lot of fairways for me and made four birdies and two bogeys, I guess.テつ I three‑putted twice.テつ Those were my only bogeys.テつ It was solid.

Q.テつ Three‑putting twice is about average out here.
DAMON GREEN:テつ But I played so bad when I got here.テつ I played a practice round with Peter Jacobsen and his coach Martin Miller, and I worked with the Jim Hardy fellows anyway.テつ They helped me a little bit with my game.テつ Something clicked this morning on the range.テつ It was really, really good.

Q.テつ Do you consider yourself one of those guys who plays better the harder the golf course is?
DAMON GREEN:テつ Good question.テつ Must be that way.

Q.テつ You played that way last year at Inverness.
DAMON GREEN:テつ I played really well last year.テつ I think my length is an advantage on these courses.テつ A lot of times I can hit a 2 iron.テつ My 2 iron goes about what their drive does.テつ I hit drive on 30 or 40, 50 yards ahead of them if I hit it good.テつ I've got shorter clubs into these holes, and I can hold it.テつ If I'm in the fairway.テつ I think that's a big advantage.

Q.テつ This is fun, but are you also keeping an eye on the Deere scores just out of curiosity?
DAMON GREEN:テつ Oh, yeah.テつ He's teeing off early this morning too.テつ He called me last night actually, Zach did, and had some words of wisdom.テつ I wasn't feeling very confident.テつ He just kind of cheered me up a little bit and said, you'll hit way more fairways than you think you will.テつ I said, this course is so hard.テつ He says, you'll hit more fairways, and you'll hit more greens than you think you would.テつ Just go out and have fun.テつ I said, you go have fun and don't play really good golf.
I was actually texting his swing coach Mike Binder and Binder's caddie.テつ They said they worked on a few things, and his game was good.テつ He says he has a newer respect for me since he's caddied.テつ So hilly there, and it's usually hot.
I'm pulling for him.テつ I was going to bet like a bunch of money on him to win so I could cover my ass, my butt.テつ And now I looked up the odds, and he's only 8‑to‑1.テつ It ain't worth it.テつ I'd have to pay too much money out, and it's a Steve Stricker Open anyway.テつ Zach would have to play really well.

Q.テつ Nevertheless, you did have fun?
DAMON GREEN:テつ Oh, yeah.テつ Today‑‑ well, if I hit it good, it's fun.テつ If I hit it bad and I'm struggling, it's not fun.テつ I just as soon be doing my day job.テつ This is not fun if you're not playing well.テつ Today it was fun.

Q.テつ You get to play on your regular job?テつ You get out there a lot.
DAMON GREEN:テつ I don't play when I'm caddying.テつ Those ones in the South Carolina, Georgia, we'll play some.テつ When I'm off, I play about three days a week.テつ I had two days off, and I went to the course down in Bradenton, Florida, where I play out of, and the greens are really undulated and fast, and I went there on purpose for four days to just try to get the rust off and work on my short game and putting.
Played with Paul Azinger.テつ Actually, he's trying to make a comeback, I think.テつ I wish he was here.テつ He said, you're hitting it good.テつ Just go out there and have fun.テつ I purposely went there just to try to prepare.テつ I went and spent five days in Cape Cod with my family and just relaxed.テつ I got here.テつ I figured I had enough days to try to get the rust off.テつ It worked out all right so far.

Q.テつ Putting was good?
DAMON GREEN:テつ It was okay.テつ I'm putting very defensive because I'm a Florida boy.テつ Bermuda is so much different.テつ You have to play so much break and play exactly the right speed.テつ I'm just trying to play cautious and putt before him.テつ I only had two, three putts.テつ They were very difficult putts.テつ I was pleased with that.テつ I'm hitting seventh in putting last year.テつ That was pretty good for a Florida boy.

Q.テつ Thanks, man.
DAMON GREEN:テつ Appreciate it.

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