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July 12, 2012

Peter Jacobsen


PETER JACOBSEN:テつ You don't need me, you need Tom Kite.テつ He's probably right behind me.テつ I played with Kite today.テつ I felt like the Washington Generals playing the Harlem Globetrotters.テつ It was pretty‑‑ I was his towel boy.

Q.テつ The eagle was something, huh?
PETER JACOBSEN:テつ The eagle on 4 for Kite, he hit it in the right rough off the tee.テつ The 4th hole is a blind green and all you're trying to do is hit it over of the hill online.テつ I did the same thing.テつ I hit an 8 iron just on the green.テつ I didn't know where it was.テつ It was about 20 feet.テつ He hit a good shot at the green, but you don't know.テつ All of a sudden, we heard a big roar, and we went, I think that went in, Tom.テつ Good shot.

Q.テつ Are you surprised that scores are this low with conditions the way they are?
PETER JACOBSEN:テつ No, no.テつ This golf course can yield birdies if you put the ball in the fairway.テつ This is such a precise golf course.テつ This is precision.テつ This is precision personified.テつ You've got to put the ball in play.テつ That's the first half of your job.テつ Drive it in the fairway.テつ The second half is to keep the ball below the hole where you can give yourself a chance to make a birdie putt.
I had four, five holes today where I hit good shots, but I had downhill putts.テつ And you just can't be aggressive with downhill putts.テつ So my round, I shot even par.テつ I got off with two birdies early, and then I had four birdies in the middle ‑‑ or four bogeys in the middle and two birdies late.
Just if you get above the hole, and Tom will tell you the same thing, it's just a hard two‑putt.

Q.テつ Is the front that much different than the back, playing‑wise?
PETER JACOBSEN:テつ Oh, hard to say.テつ Hard to say.テつ I don't know the golf course well enough yet.テつ I've played it now three times.テつ But I tell you one thing, I love this golf course.テつ And this is, if I could play this every day, it would be a treat.テつ I think you could really learn how to play golf here.テつ You got to drive your ball.テつ You got to think your way around.テつ You got to hit great iron shots, and you've got to have a killer short game because you need to‑‑ you need to pay attention to where you're missing.
Golf's a game of recovery, let's face it.テつ Nobody hits the ball exactly where they want to.テつ But if you're going to miss it, you better miss it in the right spot.

Q.テつ What adjectives would you use to describe Tom's putting today?
PETER JACOBSEN:テつ Tom putted as well with the long putter today as I've seen him in five or six years he's used that putter.テつ He was confident.テつ He stepped up to every putt, boom, and he was very assertive.テつ He had great speed.
The two‑putt he had on 18 was amazing.テつ He had to go over one of those muffins and knocked down about four feet and confidently knocked it in.テつ Everything was working for Kite today.テつ It was great to see.テつ He had a good chance to win last week at Pebble Beach.テつ We play a lot of golf together.テつ I was on the range with him last week and watching him hit some balls.テつ He looked awfully good then.テつ He looked awfully good today.

Q.テつ Question about next year in Omaha.テつ Is there a buzz out here for that, or is it too early?
PETER JACOBSEN:テつ I think it's too early.テつ Everybody was coming in excited about playing Indianwood, and I think everybody's expectations have been met, and maybe surpassed.テつ This is an excellent golf course.テつ It's‑‑ you've got hard holes.テつ You've got easy holes.テつ You've got difficult situations.テつ You've got fun putts.
But I will say this.テつ One of the things the USGA does, they never fail to go to a great golf course, and they never fail to put on a great event.テつ This is a tremendous venue.テつ I would imagine next year in Omaha is going to be the same thing.

Q.テつ Have you ever been to Omaha Country Club?
PETER JACOBSEN:テつ I've been to Omaha, but I've never been to Omaha Country Club.テつ Last year, we were at Inverness, one of the great golf courses where Olin Browne won.テつ Everybody said wait 'til you get to Detroit and Indianwood.テつ Pretty cool.

Q.テつ Thanks.
PETER JACOBSEN:テつ Thank you.

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