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July 12, 2012

Steve Jones


MODERATOR:テつ Okay, folks.テつ 1 under par for the championship, 69, Steve Jones.
STEVE JONES:テつ That was good.テつ I can learn something from Tom.テつ Glad I was here to listen, figure out what I was doing wrong.テつ No, I just had a good front nine.テつ Nothing could really‑‑ I mean, I missed four putts on the front and still shot 5 under.テつ And then I went to the back and just hung in there for a little while, but I hit three bad drives.テつ It left me in bad positions.テつ So other than that, I was having a good day.

Q.テつ Is it that much more difficult on the back side?
STEVE JONES:テつ It is when you're missing the fairways, yeah.テつ I had it on 16.テつ I hit it up against two grass holes, and I couldn't even hit it 20 yards on one of them.テつ So you just can't get in those positions.

Q.テつ Pin placement, 17, 18.テつ Just how difficult was the way they set the pins?
STEVE JONES:テつ 17, it's kind of a sucker pin.テつ You want to hit it in the bowl on the right.テつ Hit the short and go up the hill.テつ You shouldn't try to go at that pin.テつ 18, you can go either way and funnel it in, but I was in the rough so I didn't have a chance to get to the green.

Q.テつ Tom Kite came back a little to the field with that double on 17.テつ Do you expect scores to be around even par throughout the day, or are there birdies‑‑
STEVE JONES:テつ There should be a lot of birdies out there.テつ The greens aren't hard.テつ They're not real fast, which it's hard to get them too fast with the slopes.テつ They're soft enough to receive a lot of shots.テつ I think the afternoon guys should do really well.
The fairways dry up a little to get a little more roll.テつ So, yeah, it depends on what they do with the greens tonight how we fare tomorrow.テつ If the wind gets blowing in the afternoon and they dry them out, it's going to be brutal.テつ We'll see.

Q.テつ Everybody was talking about how hard it was, got to hit it in the fairway.テつ Obviously, those things always occur to you and so forth.テつ Was it just general surprise at not only what Kite was shooting, what you were able to shoot, but just in general, some numbers that were‑‑
STEVE JONES:テつ Last three weeks, I've been starting out really well.テつ Then I did what I did on the back nine, unfortunately.テつ Kite was right behind me.テつ I saw him hole the shot on 4.テつ I knew he birdied ‑‑ made a bomber on 2.テつ I knew he was at least 3 under right away.テつ You could hear the people yelling.テつ But when things start going in, it really makes it easier.

Q.テつ Are the greens softer than you expected?
STEVE JONES:テつ Yeah, they were a little softer this morning, but they dry out real quick.テつ So you got to be careful.テつ But at the same time, when you have soft greens, it's going to have low scores out here.テつ These guys are too good.テつ Kite's been hitting the ball really good lately.テつ I've been watching him hit it last week at Pebble, and he was hitting it really well.テつ All right?

Q.テつ Thanks, Steve.
STEVE JONES:テつ Thank you.

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