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July 12, 2012

Tom Watson


MODERATOR:テつ Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Watson shot 70, even par for the championship.
TOM WATSON:テつ Greetings.テつ Actually, with no wind, it played easy from that standpoint, but the flag positions were in tricky places.テつ They seemed like they're always right up against the slope, and I played a‑‑ have to say, I played somewhat of a sloppy round today.テつ Started off playing pretty well, but then mis‑hit some shots and three‑putted at the 3rd hole from about 15 feet and just had a lousy chip at No. 1.テつ Hit just some very pedestrian shots that I guess I'm very happy with a 70.テつ I mean, a 70's a good score out there.
Rough is tough.テつ If you hit the ball in the rough, you're going to have some issues.

Q.テつ We just asked Freddy this, 28 for Tom.
TOM WATSON:テつ Yeah, what was he smoking?テつ Man!

Q.テつ He didn't tell us.テつ He didn't share it either.テつ Did you see that possible out there to see that score?
TOM WATSON:テつ That's why I said, what's he smoking?

Q.テつ Comment about your amateur partner?
TOM WATSON:テつ Well, Doug had a good back nine, first nine.テつ Then the wheels kind of fell off.テつ You know, when they start falling off, when that one wheel starts falling off, then it's easier for the others to fall off.テつ He struggled.テつ But tomorrow, maybe it will be a better day for him.

Q.テつ How was your irons today, Tom?
TOM WATSON:テつ Not very good.テつ Hit a good, solid iron at the 1st hole, and hit a good solid iron at the 17th hole, I believe.テつ And that was about it.

Q.テつ Talk about the [inaudible].
TOM WATSON:テつ Well, you know, we're just getting to know the golf course, and there are some places where you can't error.テつ There's some rough that you just can't get into it.テつ And we're learning that right now.

Q.テつ Thank you, Tom.
TOM WATSON:テつ Thank you.

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