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June 3, 2000

Martin Brodeur

Scott Stevens


Q. To the first three games it seems whoever is the big line, has done the most damage, has come out on top. Can you talk about that?

SCOTT STEVENS: Hopefully, it won't keep that same pattern. It will change, and we will keep going the next game. But it seems like those lines are doing a lot of scoring; they are two great lines. They are probably two of the best lines in the NHL. So there has been a bit of a pattern, but I am sure our guys can put two good games together. And hopefully, they can do the same stuff the next game.

Q. So much has been talked about regarding Dallas's home record. Obviously, they are the defending Cup champions. Do you feel like you guys made a significant dent in their aura tonight?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, it is just one game once again, but it was a big one for our team. We have played really well on the road. We have played our best games on the road. We play a simple game, keep the puck going forward, and seem to create a lot more scoring chances. We had a lot of chances tonight to get that third and fourth goal. We made it interesting, and we hung on for a 2-1 lead, and it was a big win for us.

Q. After the back-to-back penalties and one was -- gave them a two-man advantage, when you guys killed that off, did you guys sense throughout the team that there was a lift that everybody felt confident even though you were still down a goal?

SCOTT STEVENS: That definitely was a huge kill because we don't want to go down 2-nothing to that team. After we killed that penalty, we could see we got some momentum came back, scored that big goal that tied the game up at the end of the first. So it was definitely a big kill for us, and then we scored the big goal to end the first period.

Q. So much has been made of the top lines on both teams. Hull and Modano really had a big game in Game 2. Game 3, you made some adjustments. Which adjustments were the biggest key to shutting down the line?

SCOTT STEVENS: We controlled the puck a lot. Didn't give them a whole lot of chances. Got the puck in on them, and hemmed them in again. That has been important; sort of been a pattern. When we keep the puck away from their top players, they are going to have trouble scoring with the puck. We didn't give them a whole lot of chances. I think that is the difference.

Q. Scott, a lot was said about maybe they stole something from you guys when they won Game 2, home ice momentum, whatever, and do you believe that maybe you all took that back tonight?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, we definitely wanted to come in here and play a good game. We thought we played pretty well the second game, and we had our chances to win that game, but it just didn't happen. So we want to come in here, have a real big solid road game, and we done that. We have been playing well on the road. It was a close game still, but I thought we played a helluva game.

Q. What were you thinking when the puck went into the crowd there with four minutes left?

MARTIN BRODEUR: A little scary. I don't know. Something that you don't want it to happen, but I didn't know -- I just learned I have a good backhand now. It is just a bad mistake and fortunately enough my team came through for me and I mean, it is something that I was really upset about.

Q. That wasn't bad enough Marty; then Brett Hull gets the puck in the slot with 50 seconds left.

MARTIN BRODEUR: I think Modano made the play there. It was amazing for them to go behind the net and almost lost the puck and be able to saucer it right to Brett Hull's stick. Anybody but him, but you know, he has got a little luck; he can hit my shoulder and stay in front of me instead of, you know, crawling to the net.

Q. Martin, on the goal it seemed like you were about to pounce on the puck when Scott came in and cleared it away. Kind of unfortunate set of circumstances.

MARTIN BRODEUR: Yeah, little bit. I think it is a reaction, I think, from Scotty we got caught up a little bit high on Brett Hull a little bit and he threw it back down to Lehtinen and made a good save. I was trying to recover it. I had it almost on my stick to pull it back towards me and Scotty has a reaction, he just pushed it forward right to the guy's stick. Kind of unfortunate situation there a little bit.

Q. You had to be a lot more active in the third period than you were in the second when -- (inaudible) when you don't have any margin for error and the game is critical. . . .

MARTIN BRODEUR: That is what Playoff hockey is all about. There is no room to breath out there. It was tough, but we came through. I thought we played well. They had a few good chances but not overly. I saw most of the pucks that period and that makes a big difference when you are late in the game you are able to see the puck; most of the time you will stop it. At the end we got ourselves in a little jam and I had to come through with some pretty good saves.

Q. You were talking about no room to breathe in Playoff hockey. When they had the two-man advantage and one-man advantage that was not a lot of room, if any debris. Did you sense the team got a big lift and their confidence was rising once they killed off both penalties?

MARTIN BRODEUR: Well, you know, from the first powerplay they scored, next thing you know we get back in the box and, boom, there is a 5-on-3 and a lot of things go through your mind and for these guys it was -- they had a chance to take the game away from us early in the game and we came through. We played well on 5-on-3 and we killed the rest of the penalty on 5 on 4 and that was a big boost being able to get the goal late in the period and from there we really took it to them in the second we were dominant.

Q. What does it say about your team, you come into Dallas and you beat the defending Stanley Cup Champion when the goalie has an outstanding game and they scored the first goal of the Game?

MARTIN BRODEUR: This is, you know, we are really excited to be in the position like that. I think you know, it is a tough building to play in, you know, the atmosphere is pretty nice. I think the fans are great. The ice is bad and it is really hot and everybody was really prepared, really had a big battle in this game and we came through on top and that is really good for us going into Game 4.

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