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July 12, 2012

Tom Pernice, Jr.


Q.テつ [Inaudible].
TOM PERNICE:テつ It was a for a while.テつ I made a couple bogeys coming in.テつ But just off the green, so that was a little disappointing.テつ I played pretty well all day.

Q.テつ [Inaudible].
TOM PERNICE:テつ Yeah, that was my idea, not to shoot over par, no.テつ No, I mean, it was a perfect day to play golf out there, and the greens were receptive, and there's some opportunities to make some birdies out there.テつ So yeah, I expected to go out there and try to shoot under par.テつ Absolutely.

Q.テつ [Inaudible].
TOM PERNICE:テつ Just get yourself in position off the tee.テつ Got some opportunities to make some birdies at times if you position the ball right and make some putts.テつ It's no rocket science.テつ It's just a matter of execution and getting it done.テつ You want to stay in the fairway, and then opportunities open up themselves.

Q.テつ Is the front nine that much more conducive to low scoring?テつ Seems like even most of the players are having a little difficulty on the back.
TOM PERNICE:テつ You've got 16 and 18 are two pretty good par 4s, and then you've got No. 12 on the back nine.テつ You've got three par 4s of some noticeable length and all really good golf holes.テつ And you've got the crazy green at 18 to make it even more difficult.テつ So you've got three pretty challenges par 4s on the back nine.テつ Those are obviously pretty difficult.

Q.テつ What did you think of the pin location on 18?テつ Or that green in general.
TOM PERNICE:テつ I mean, I would never design a green like that, but, it is what it is.テつ Everybody's got to play it.テつ I got myself out of position.テつ I drove it through the fairway and into the rough.テつ Had a pretty bad lie.テつ Hit a good shot.テつ Thought it chased on the green, just came up short.テつ Didn't get it up and down.テつ Once again, I was out of position off the tee.

Q.テつ Is there a good spot on that green to put it there?
TOM PERNICE:テつ Sure, there is.テつ There's enough square footage there, you can find a good pin somewhere.テつ But I got myself out of position and missed the fairway and drove it through the fairway.テつ So tough to control the ball from there.テつ You need to have pretty good control to try to put the ball in the right spot on that green.

Q.テつ A lot of talk earlier was about presenting the course in a way you guys hadn't seen it before.テつ Has that been accomplished, really, based on the first day, what you saw?
TOM PERNICE:テつ None of us have seen the course ever before.テつ So it didn't matter how they prepared it, I think.テつ No, I mean, the course is in good shape.テつ It's very fair.テつ It's nothing exuberant or anything out of the ordinary.テつ I mean, it's just a good, fair setup.

Q.テつ First Senior Open.テつ Any nerves?
TOM PERNICE:テつ Not any different than any other tournament for me at this point.テつ But I was just happy to get off to a good start and had pretty good control of my golf ball and off to a good start and just let a couple get away there at the end.テつ Just missed a green at 16, short‑sighted myself.テつ I was only 15 feet from the hole and made bogey.テつ And then 18, and then I had about a 15‑footer for birdie at 17, straight up the hill and left it hanging on a lip.テつ So three conversions there, and it's a pretty good round.テつ So I feel like a few slipped away, but that's going to happen.

Q.テつ Do you like the way you played coming into this week?
TOM PERNICE:テつ Yeah, I've been starting to play a little better the last month or so.テつ So it's getting better.

Q.テつ Do you attribute it to anything in particular?
TOM PERNICE:テつ Just a lot of hard work, trying to get better.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on Tommy shooting a 28, record setting on the front?
TOM PERNICE:テつ You know, obviously, it's fantastic.テつ I don't know what to say other than that.テつ I mean, it was out there.テつ I made a bogey on a hole from just off the edge, and missed another five‑footer.テつ So it was out there.テつ Obviously.テつ Drive it in the fairway, have some short irons in there, and the greens are perfect.テつ So you can make some birdies.テつ But 28's pretty impressive.

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