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July 8, 2012

Lexi Thompson


Q.  Can you tell us how you struggled specifically? 
LEXI THOMPSON:  I pretty much had two bad holes that  got me in trouble with a double.  Usually messes up your round.  Other than that it was all right. 

Q.  Talk about the conditions, being a final round.  Were they tougher than you've seen the first few days? 
LEXI THOMPSON:  It wasn't windy at all.  A lot harder pin places, tucking in your corners and water. 

Q.  Overall, are you happy with the way you played this week? 
LEXI THOMPSON::  Yeah, I am.  Just I just had a few bad holes.  Got me in trouble.  But overall, I was really pleased with my ball striking, and my putting is a lot better. 

Q.  Talk about the Women's Open experience here specifically at Blackwolf Run and Kohler and the fans??
LEXI THOMPSON:  It was great.  Even in the practice rounds the fans were great.  The course was in amazing shape.  It was so pure.  I was really happy to be here and it was an amazing experience like every Open is. 

Q.  We talked to you yesterday about trying to catch Na Yeon.  She had one little misstep today.  In retrospect was it pretty hard to believe somebody was going to catch her the way she played? 
LEXI THOMPSON:  Usually when you play that good on a Saturday it gives you a lead on everybody.  She's a great player and I would say deserves it.  I just tried my best and didn't end up doing as well as I wanted to. 

Q.  Would this major mean more to you than any other if you were able to get that one?  It seems to be the consensus this, among all majors, is the top one.  Do you feel the same way? 
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, I would say the U.S. Open is probably the biggest major and definitely the most honor if you win it. 

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