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July 8, 2012

Marcel Siem


Q.  Many congratulations, 2012 French Open Champion, how does that taste?
MARCEL SIEM:  Very, very good.  I'm so happy.  I mean, this means a lot to me.  So many tournaments I kind of destroyed already this year, I was always up there, and so happy that I really got it done in the end.

Q.  Tell me, what were your feelings down the last four holes?  Everyone has talked about them all week.  Were you very thirsty?
MARCEL SIEM:¬† I was very nervous, I have to say, after 14 when I made the up‑and‑down out of the trap.¬† The last stretch I think is one of the toughest stretches we have on Tour.¬† In Cologne, I hit it in the water on 7, last round I was leading.
Then made great golf shots.  I hit it close on 15 and, made a good shot on 16 that wouldn't drop and even 17, hit the flag.  I stayed very calm.  That was very nice.
It means so much to me to win after that long stretch.  It's all about winning in the end, and it puts so much pressure, every time you don't win and people start talking, you will never win again and stuff like that, so it's very important for me.

Q.¬† Why so long?¬† Is it to do with the mental side.¬† You've always admitted you're a bit hot‑headed.
MARCEL SIEM:¬† Yeah, I've gotten a lot calmer, but my technique got a lot better, as well.¬† I did a lot of work the last few years, and a big thank you to G√ľnter Kessler and Mark Roe, as well, who is my short game coach, and thank you very, very much.¬† My little daughter, for sure, I think she got me a lot calmer.
.  I think it's a little bit like Nicolas Colsaerts, we both were a little bit easy going when we came on Tour.  It is not as tough as it is these day when is we came on Tour.  The average of the good players were not that high, and these days, we have to work so hard just to have a chance to be even in the Top 60 in Europe.  I realised that, and worked a lot harder.

Q.  How will you celebrate this?  Thomas Levet did it in a very strange way leaping into the water, what are you going to do?
MARCEL SIEM:  The problem is I have to drive home, but Markus Brier said already, he's going to be the chauffeur.  So I'm definitely going to have a bit of the nice French champagne.
And yeah, next week, we have next week now, two big weeks coming up and I'm in The Open Championship, which is unbelievable.¬† So I'll take it easy, definitely going to take it easy.¬† My flight is tomorrow four o'clock from Amsterdam.¬† I might be in the Pro‑Am now, so maybe I'll fly Tuesday, see my little daughter, because otherwise I wouldn't see my daughter.¬† And yeah, just keep on going, keep on going, keep on going and try to climb up the World Rankings.

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