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July 8, 2012

David Lynn


DAVID LYNN:テつ Good finish in the end.テつ Managed to knuckle this yesterday, shot 5‑under for the remaining 14 holes.テつ So it's just a little bit of a reflection on that start yesterday, and how close I've come this week.
You know, I've got to take the positives out of it, and I needed a good week in there obviously to get my rights up for next year.テつ I think that should just about do it this week.

Q.テつ And you knuckled down the back nine here, you still had a chance with the birdies that you were compiling.
DAVID LYNN:テつ Yeah, I actually thought going into the last four holes, I thought, you know, hell of a four holes here, wouldn't it be great to birdie all four.テつ I was thinking that would be enough.
But obviously looking at the scores now, might not.テつ That was my focus.テつ I was focussed on trying to birdie the last four, and gave myself‑‑ well, birdied 15 and gave myself a chance at 16 but not to be.
It's a great golf course.テつ I was saying the other day, it deserves a Ryder Cup, and it's one of the best courses we play all year.テつ It demands some good golf.

Q.テつ Onwards and upwards from here?
DAVID LYNN:テつ I hope so, yeah.テつ I hear the weather is not going to be too good next week in Scotland, but it was a nice place last year, so hopefully they have got that wrong and we'll have a good week.
Starting in Germany at the BMW, I knew I was starting to hit a bit of form.テつ Started the week poorly and managed to finish 12th.テつ Didn't get anything out of last week, which was a disappointment because I felt good again.テつ But carried into this week and hopefully carried into next week.

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