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June 5, 2000

Martin Brodeur

Scott Stevens


Q. Scott, just your impression on the hit on Jason?

SCOTT STEVENS: I didn't even see it. But I kind of figured out after it happened what probably occurred, but I did not see the incident. Obviously probably got hit with a high stick.

Q. Can you address the impact your rookies have had all through the year and now this, in the Finals, two goals from them tonight?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, I mean, they have played well the whole time. They don't play like rookies, they play like veterans they play with confidence. They have speed. They have energy and they really helped us out tonight obviously. Two key goals and we have had that from them all year. They have helped us tremendously, I can't say enough about them. Brian has got great speed and moves the puck really well and John has done a heck of a job killing penalties. He is tenacious and he's also has got a great shot, scored a lot of goals during the regular season just like he did tonight.

Q. What it is about your team that allows it not to be bothered by a situation like tonight where they get a goal - Dallas late in the second period appears to have all the momentum coming into the third; you guys wipe it out in 6 minutes?

MARTIN BRODEUR: Well, we really kept our game plan. It was important that we didn't really shy away from this situation. We felt that we played well in the first two periods and we had to take it to them. For us to win a hockey game you need to score one goal at least. At that point we had nothing going on offensively. We had our chances and we just kept going and the puck found its way through Belfour.

Q. Say anything in the dressing room, you guys veteran enough that you don't have to talk about it?

MARTIN BRODEUR: I think everybody made sure that we stayed composed and keep going the same way we are going and not change anything just because we are down one goal and try to open up or anything. We just took what they gave us, and we were able to score goals. We took a lot of shots.

Q. Address the question, you are both veterans. You were here in 1995. Is there any bittersweet element to this knowing that McMullen is selling the team after this is over and that there is going to be a complete change in the organization?

SCOTT STEVENS: We are not even thinking about that. We are just thinking about hockey. We can't control that part of what happens in the organization. We just want to win and win together. That is where our focus is right now. This is what is important right now. Everything else will take care of itself.

MARTIN BRODEUR: Same thing, I think it is unfortunate for Dr. McMullen to have to sell the team and all. For us, we are a hockey players. We are not business people, and we just go out and do our business and we are in a great situation here, so we are just happy to be there and hopefully he will be a part of it too.

Q. If you could just talk about the coming into the third period in that flurry of goals that you guys had to really seal it tonight.

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, I think both games here I think the key has been our penalty killing because that is a heck of a powerplay they got over there - a lot of key people, I think we have done a great job not giving them very much on their powerplay because that is a big part of their game where they get momentum. I think we gained some momentum after killing that penalty, scoring that shorthand goal, that was huge for us. I think we have done a great job on the road killing powerplays. From there we got confidence; got the second goal quick after that.

Q. Marty, John Madden had the same play twice; missed the net on the one and he scored on the other one. When you are a goalie and a guy has got the same play twice, do you figure the shooter has got the advantage for the goalie?

MARTIN BRODEUR: It is hard to say. Situations they were the same and everything is the same and you just don't know. It is a hockey game, you don't know what the guy is thinking. You just hopefully get in good position and you stop it. But definitely when you see the same guy coming twice, it makes it a little weird, maybe.

Q. How do you keep your composure between now and Game 5 on Thursday with two days in between? Is this a good or bad time for this?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think it is good to get a rest and we got to be more disciplined. I think that was a big factor. We talked about being disciplined. We didn't do a good job in that area tonight. I think we are spending far too much time killing penalties; a lot of key people aren't getting on the ice because of it. I think it is more important for us to play 5 on 5. That is something we have to think about the next two days here while we rest up for the next game.

Q. As a member of the penalty killing can you talk about what makes John Madden such an extraordinary penalty killer?

SCOTT STEVENS: He anticipates well. Good speed, he's tenacious, like I said earlier, and another thing he's not afraid to go for it. He is a confident, cocky little kid and he's not going to just throw the puck down the ice. If he gets the chance he's going to make them work and take it to the other end and try to score. I like that in a guy and that is confidence and he has the ability to score goals, like I said before. He scored many goals. He has got a great shot and he has beat a lot of good goalies with that type of shot during the regular season.

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