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July 7, 2012

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:  Early in the round it was raining a lot more, and towards the end of the round the rain disappeared and the breeze has been somewhat constant.  Obviously getting off to a double‑bogey start can sort of test your will, really, you go out early in the morning and teeing off early on the weekend.
But obviously I was really determined just to make the most of this weekend really.  Obviously I want to play well this tournament but with eyes towards the rest of the season I suppose, as well.  It was nice to get some birdies going.  I felt really comfortable.  Holed a couple of putts which was nice.  Hit a lot of quality iron shots.  It was a nice, positive day really.

Q.  As you say you got off to a start, and Danny was obviously struggling, it showed just what conditions could be like if you were just a little bit off.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, exactly, and what I'm enjoying about this golf course that you have to be‑‑ you can't switch off at any point.  You have to hit fairways.  If you are not hitting fairways, everything is hard work out there so every shot, seems to be a premium on it.  It's only going to be good practise for the coming weeks.

Q.  You're not going to be that far off if it continues blowing like this.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think within five or six probably.  It's going to take a special round of golf obviously, but I was noticing where they put the pins out for tomorrow's round, which they seem quite gentle, which would suggest there's some pretty bad weather coming.  I don't know what the store is, just gauging from the pin placements.  That will play into my hands, if, you're going to make a big come back, the harder the weather, it's always tough to play in tough conditions.

Q.  You said you holed a few putts.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I just hit my lines a lot better today.  Overall it felt good.  My pace was better.  Had a couple really long two putts, which I managed to brush up pretty close and tap‑in and that was good.  Put a little less pressure on my putting.
Some of the draws I've been doing, the work I've been doing have been showing early signs.  Nice to be burning up less energy on the greens I suppose.

Q.  What were you feeling after the first?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, it was early in the morning, the rain was coming down and it was definitely a test of your will, teeing off early in the weekend and starting off like that can be a long weekend if you don't get in the right mind‑set.
Obviously I'm aware there are a lot of big tournaments coming up so I wanted to use this week‑‑ and in the French open it turns out, still giving myself an outside chance tomorrow but I wanted to just keep digging in, keep fighting and keep digging.

Q.  You started making birdies and then the weather began to change?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, it's obviously brightened up as we can see.  Every shot seems to have a premium on it and you have to hit fairways on this golf course.  It's a fun challenge and I'm really enjoying it.  It's more of a firm fast test this week than it has been in the past, more of a U.S. Open‑style test, which is good fun.

Q.  Your friend Ian Poulter was talking about the setup yesterday and he said they got it wrong, that they had grown in the fairways and at the end, the sponsor and David Probyn said that it was just with all of the rain in June, pretty much the rough lines‑‑ it's just grown more thicker.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, exactly, it has been a wet month.  I think it's just in the middle of a lot of tough golf.  Obviously the U.S. Open is tough, The Open Championship is going to be tough, the US PGA.  So it's right in the middle of some tough stretches and there's no relief at this point in the season.  But I've always enjoyed the tough courses and I'm enjoying the test this week.
I won't be a million miles behind but I'm just far enough back and so it's going to take one of those special rounds, probably take a career round tomorrow, a 63 or something, in some tough weather.  It's possible, but no expectations for tomorrow.

Q.  Are you interested in the tennis?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, obviously good to see Andy Murray against Federer, and I've always had a soft spot for Federer.  It will be an interesting match.

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