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July 7, 2012

Sandra Gal


Q.  Sandra, you probably went the wrong way compared to where you thought you should go, and now you've got a little bit of ground to catch up.  Assess your round and what's your chances heading into tomorrow?
SANDRA GAL:  You know, actually overall I don't think it's that bad of a round.  The conditions were really tough out there, and I thought some of the tee boxes and pin positions were as well.  So I can't help that one girl shot 65 out there.  I mean that's very, very impressive.  So obviously that's a long way to catch up, but second place is only 2‑under.  So you never know what's going to happen tomorrow, but I think I fought well out there.  It was really tough, and I hung in there.

Q.  Is there another 65 out there tomorrow or do you need her to come back to the group a little bit?
SANDRA GAL:  Yeah.  Well, obviously there is.  I don't know if the conditions are going to be tougher tomorrow or not.  I hope not, but whatever the day brings.
But obviously there is a 65 out there.  So I think that's a good thing to see because you can look up to that.

Q.  Sandra, compared to your other rounds, the conditions probably made you turn the direction you didn't want to go, but you probably played about as well.  Is that a good estimation?
SANDRA GAL:  Yeah.  I did miss a few shots on the front nine there that were a bit unnecessary, but the rest of the round I played pretty decent, you know.
Like I said, I hung in there.

Q.  How did you feel playing in the second‑to‑the‑last group?
SANDRA GAL:  It always feels good.  There was huge crowds out there, much more than the last couple days.  So it was great to see, and hopefully it's going to be a good Sunday.

Q.  Any shout‑outs from the crowd at all to you?
SANDRA GAL:  Yeah.  Lots of them.  I have a lot of friends following me, which is nice too.

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