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July 7, 2012

Na Yeon Choi


NA YEON CHOI:  Actually, I had a really good round today.  I think I hit a lot of good shots today.  My 14 clubs worked very well, and actually like when I told you, right now I am more nervous than out there.  I wasn't nervous, and I focused on my game and I played it one shot at a time.

Q.  Was that the key?  Everyone at home I'm sure wonders how does someone put that many good holes together.  What goes through your mind and body when you're performing so well?
NA YEON CHOI:  Well, actually I had a really good feeling about my swing.  Actually, you know, my swing coach wasn't here.  He left, obviously, but we work Monday through Wednesday, and my swing and putting stroke were better than before, and actually last two months I was playing like so‑so, but I think this is time to be back on track.

Q.  Were you watching the leaderboard?  Did you realize you were gaining a bigger and bigger lead?
NA YEON CHOI:  Actually, no.  I didn't watch the leaderboard, but I tried to watch the leaderboard, my caddie always stop me, don't watch the leaderboard.  Just play your game.  So I didn't try watch the leaderboard, and actually even right now I don't know what happened all the players.

Q.  Right now it looks like you have a six‑shot lead.  Everyone dreams of winning the U. S. Open.  You have a very good chance.  What are you going to try to do tomorrow?
NA YEON CHOI:  I will not change anything.  I will just play my game, and I'm very excited, and this tournament is very special to all the Korean players.
14 years ago Se Ri Pak won the U. S. Open, and I remember that feeling, and then I hope to continue for me.

Q.  You did a great job, and I'm sure you made Se Ri Pak very proud today.  A 65, the lowest ever U. S. Open score.

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