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July 6, 2012

Ian Poulter


Q.  69, not too many people will do that today.
IAN POULTER:  No, I don't think they will.  It was a flattering score I think.  I didn't put it in the fairway very much at all today.  I hit my fair share of miss‑hits off the tee.  Put it in tricky spots.
A couple of good shots I did hit were very good but I managed to make birdie from those.  But I've definitely got a way with what could have been‑‑ could have been a poor round of golf today.

Q.  On 18, hitting a 5‑iron, risky one, wasn't it?
IAN POULTER:  It was.  It wasn't far to carry on the front of the green.  Had it been on the fairway, 7‑iron would have carried to the pin, but sitting down, as you said it was a good lie and hit 5‑iron trying to get it up in the air and went to about eight feet.

Q.  What do you personally make of the course setup?
IAN POULTER:  Paris National is a magnificent golf course.  But they have got the setup completely wrong.  I'm amazed how they have brought pretty much every single fairway in at least six yards.  And they have made it too tough.  I mean, we have got conditions today, which are obviously windy.  1‑under par is going to be an unbelievable score today.
So you know, feels like you go U.S. Open; so it is a French Open, so obviously it's an Open Championship; do we want to do that to a French Open golf course?  It's an Open, I guess in some respects they want it as tough as they possibly can.
But you know what, this is a great golf course and it's got a great finish and you'll see a lot of people making many, many errors around this golf course because they have tried to nip in a little bit too much some of the fairways and around the greens.

Q.  Do you feel today you had to really grind for that score?
IAN POULTER:  I got everything out of my round of golf today.  The par at 1 was crazy to be honest.  I would have had to hole it.  I've had to hole out from the middle of the fairway for a par.  Pulled my tee shot a couple yards left, just dropped in the hazard and I'm now dropping and now I can't carry the green from what's a pitching wedge to get to the green.
So I have to save another shot, I miss the fairway by two yards and it's pitching wedge to carry it on to the green and I have to just chip it out 40 yards.
Yeah, it was a very grinding round of golf but I managed to get every single piece out of it.  But there's going to be some guys that are going to see the wrong side of this today.

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