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July 6, 2012

Brittany Lincicome


Q.  Yesterday, you did say it was easy.  And today as golf tends to be, it gets harder.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah.  I don't understand why.  I did nothing right today.  I couldn't drive the ball.  I couldn't do anything right.  I couldn't putt‑‑ I had 32 or 3 putts today, which obviously is not good.
I 3‑putted three times in the first 6 or 7 holes, I think.  That's obviously kind of frustrating.  You go out and feel like you did so good yesterday and had no idea what happened today.
I felt great‑‑ maybe a little tired, didn't get as much sleep as I needed.  I have no idea.

Q.  Will you go and practice a little bit‑‑
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I might try to putt for a minute.  It's so ‑‑ two ends of the spectrum.  I wouldn't even know what to work on.

Q.  That's sort of what I was thinking.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  I might go putt for a few minutes in case I get a chance to play tomorrow.  We'll see
Q.It was a little bit easier today, but still, it's not an easy golf course.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah, not at all.  You get it in the wrong place here and there, and it's tough.

Q.  Thanks for speaking us.
BRITTANY LINCICOME:  Yeah.  Take care.

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