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July 6, 2012

Lizette Salas


Q.テつ Are you pleased, disappointed with the follow up to yesterday's round?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ I'm not totally disappointed over the fact that I wasn't hitting my shots solid today, but I grinded it out and made a really good putt on number 8 which was my 17th hole and just kept myself alive, kept the momentum up and just had a little brain fart on 9 and 18.テつ So it's okay.テつ I'd rather have bad shots today rather than on Sunday.

Q. テつJust to know that, I mean, no matter what happens, you're probably going to be up there near the top of the leaderboard after two days.テつ Confidence has gotta keep building.テつ Like you said last night, you've been playing really well.テつ Does the confidence keep building throughout the tournament then?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Yeah.テつ The confidence is definitely up right now.テつ Just gotta work on the little tweaks here and there, but I have a good team around me, and I think these next two days is just going to be nothing but good golf, and just gotta keep it in play.テつ I had two bad swings that cost me three shots.テつ So just gotta keep it in the fairways the next two days.

Q.テつ You started at minus 3.テつ You got it back to 3 at 8 and you thought to yourself on the last tee I can do this again.テつ Then you make a bogey.

Q.テつ Is that kind of indicative of the way you need to approach the Women's Open?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ You know, I don't know what happens to me, but after a birdie I tend to get too confident in myself and make a silly mistake.テつ But like I said before, I'd rather make bad decisions now and still make the cut.
I brought it back to 3‑under and not having the best swing of the day, and good things are still happening.テつ And just gotta be optimistic, and made really good putts and made good up‑and‑downs for bogey and for double.テつ So it's good.

Q.テつ How was the activity on your cell phone after you left here last night?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ A lot of tweets, a lot of text messages, but it's all good.テつ The attention is a great experience, and just don't take it for granted, and just gotta keep myself grounded and keep myself on the goal, which is to make the cut and play good golf and play my kind of golf that I know how to play.

Q.テつ It looks like you're going to get that first goal.テつ What's the next goal now?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ I think the next goal is just keep playing my golf, not get too caught up.テつ We were playing a little slow, so we were trying to play catch‑up with the group ahead of us, so that kind of ‑‑ it messes you up a little bit with your rhythm and stuff.テつ So I just gotta focus on my rhythm, stay patient, and like I talked to my caddie, every putt on the green is a birdie opportunity, and just gotta keep it simple.

Q.テつ One silly mistake at No. 9.テつ Was it missing the green or was it the chip after?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ On my last hole or on ‑‑ just missing the green.テつ I didn't have a good swing.テつ It was the club, just didn't trust it, and I'd been hitting draws all day, and that one just drew too much.テつ Oh well.

Q.テつ It's always tough to follow up a good round with another good round.
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ I mean, I figured if I just keep my rhythm going, and even par is a great score out here.テつ And just struggled a little bit on 18 and 9, but I still kept myself alive, made birdies on par 5 and great birdie on I think 8, the par‑3.テつ And that just keeps my confidence going.テつ And yeah, just gotta keep it simple.

Q.テつ What did you take from last year when you finished 15, I believe ‑‑

Q.テつ ‑‑ into the weekend here that you can draw on?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ You know, Saturday is moving day, and I just gotta take advantage of it and not be too aggressive and not force it.テつ I think today I was trying to force it a little bit, just trying to back up a good round from yesterday.テつ And you know, I learned from it, and just gotta play my kind of golf and stay patient.テつ I was a little tense out there, and I had a blister on my foot, and, you know, just little things like that that kind of catch up to you.テつ But I think the weekend is going to be a good time, and good time for good golf.

Q.テつ I wanted to ask you about hole No. 13.テつ That was shaping up yesterday as one of the toughest on the course.テつ It has a big water hazard on the right side of the fairway?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Is that the long par‑4.テつ Oh, wait, the par‑3.テつ Yeah.

Q.テつ How is that playing and what's making it so challenging and difficult?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ I think it's just the water all along the right side and you have big slopes on the left and that water is just so intimidating, and the front of the green is just so hard in the afternoon, and I thought it would be the same this morning, but I had the right club and it just caught the slope and didn't get there.
I think if you go past the pin, it's just going to keep rolling.テつ It's just so difficult.

Q.テつ How did you play that hole?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Short, left.テつ You know, I had a good approach to it.テつ It just caught the downslope and got past 10 feet and missed the putt.
But bogey is definitely not that bad to going into the water or going into that thick stuff.テつ So definitely just taking my medicine and taking advantage of the birdie holes.テつ Par‑5s are definitely birdie holes, and 8 was playing shorter compared to yesterday.テつ So you just gotta know which holes to take advantage of.

Q.テつ Thanks, Suzette.
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Thank you.

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