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July 5, 2012

Lee Westwood


Q.テつ Round of 70, most people would say it's a pretty good round at 1‑under par but it really was, wasn't it, a tale of two nines?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ Yeah, I didn't start very well, 4‑over through six.テつ Didn't do too much wrong.テつ You don't need to around here.テつ Pushed a wedge into 15 and spun into the water and made a couple mistakes, but made up for it after that.テつ It was a professional round, and probably looked good from afar but far from good.テつ I'll have to play a lot better than that.

Q.テつ Most players, 4‑over after five, would end up with 76, 77; what is your mental thinking and what actually goes through your mind at that point?
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ There's not a lot of panic in me anymore.テつ I'm going to make a few birdies out there, I know that.テつ So I just get on with it and play my round.

Q.テつ So the game was fine; you weren't thinking‑‑
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ No, I had hit a few good shots on the few holes and things just weren't going my way.テつ Happens occasionally.テつ Hit one bad shot, made double, and just have to get your mind out of your mind and try to birdie the next, which I did, 7‑iron to four feet and made it for birdie.

Q.テつ How is the course playing in general?テつ Won't get much easier than this.
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ Obviously there's no wind this morning.テつ It was a bit soft from the overnight rain but it's never easy.テつ It's very tight out there and the penalties for missing the fairway are very severe.
Some of the fairways, like you say, my drive on 9, as well, can hit the downslopes and go further than you think, and that's what happened; I hit into the water.テつ And hence, the soaking wet socks and shoes.

Q.テつ The tee is a little bit forward there, you do take a driver, a good chance if you hit it straight it can run into water, but looked like you had a nice little holiday down there.テつ Thought you might take the shoes and socks off.
LEE WESTWOOD:テつ Well, I didn't know what was in the water, and after Thomas Levet jumping in there and breaking his leg last year, I wasn't sure what was in there, so I kept my shoes on.テつ I was on the last hole, and I had brought plenty of shoes on me.テつ I asked Sponge on me, asked how many pairs of shoes I brought, he said plenty, so I was more worried about the trousers really.
It was nice to finish with a par on last and shoot under par after being 4‑over earlier and getting it all back, it would have been disappointing to bogey the last so it was nice to make five.

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