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July 5, 2012

Federico Colombo


Q.テつ Tell us about the day?
FEDERICO COLOMBO:テつ Well, I played very strong my front nine, which was the back nine, especially 16, 17, 18.テつ I made three good birdies.テつ Almost holed on 16, missed the putt by a metre but it was a good birdie.テつ But 17,1, I made good putts, five or six metres.
On the back nine, also the weather has not been really gentle with us.テつ It has been raining for the last five or so, so maybe it was a little bit different, a little bit more difficult but still a good round in the first round.

Q.テつ And essentially, most players would say you've done well on the hardest holes here?
FEDERICO COLOMBO:テつ Yeah, actually, yes, because maybe I was more focused on the game, yeah.テつ Because the back nine usually are the tougher holes.

Q.テつ Even those closing four, they are the toughest ones?
FEDERICO COLOMBO:テつ Also maybe easier today.

Q.テつ But you came so close to that car, did you?

Q.テつ Do you fancy that car?
FEDERICO COLOMBO:テつ Well, it would be nice to get one.テつ I missed by, again, not that far in Germany at the BMW.テつ Still a BMW here, so we'll see.
I made one 3‑putt and another bogey and I don't have to complain about that.テつ I just missed a shot and I just chipped to five metres and missed the putt.テつ It's not a bad bogey.

Q.テつ Putting this into context, how well have you been playing?
FEDERICO COLOMBO:テつ In the last few weeks, I've been playing pretty good.テつ I just couldn't realize my game on the weekend actually, the BMW especially.テつ Last week I've been playing pretty good but maybe the wind and the cold was a little bit too much for me.
But no, I've been practising with my coach in the last five years, so I think I've improved a little bit.テつ So I'm here to compete.

Q.テつ And Wales was a nice step in the right direction?
FEDERICO COLOMBO:テつ Yeah, yeah, exactly, especially after Wentworth, I played pretty good as well there.
In Wales, yes, I was missing the cut after maybe 25 holes, and then I made a really good 18 holes actually from the 13th of the second day to the 11th of the third day.テつ I made like 11‑under.

Q.テつ And life on The European Tour, you're enjoying it, I take it?
FEDERICO COLOMBO:テつ Yes, yes, sure, especially that I don't have to think about re‑ranking and things like this.テつ I enjoy the life, so, it's good.

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