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March 23, 2001

Carin Koch


MODERATOR: Carin, great round. Go over the score card first.

CARIN KOCH: That's easy today. Maybe I can do a little better. On the 1st hole, I hit in the rough, then got -- I chipped it up to the front of the green, chipped it up good, missed about a 6-footer probably for par. Made bogey there. On the 2nd hole, I had about probably ten feet for my birdie. On the 6th hole, I had about 12 feet.

MODERATOR: Do you remember what you hit up?

CARIN KOCH: To No. 6, 8-iron. No. 11, I was only about 30 yards from the pin and almost made the third shot, had about a 4-footer for birdie. On the 12th hole, I hit a 7-iron to about six feet. I'm always glad when that is over with.

Q. Conditions were a little different this afternoon, windier than yesterday.

CARIN KOCH: Well, no, not really, I didn't think. It was actually less wind, I think, the last few holes. The wind really picked up yesterday around our 10th hole, I think. Today it didn't really pick up until the last sort of three, four holes. It wasn't as strong as yesterday.

Q. Were you in the rough at all?

CARIN KOCH: On the 1st hole. That was it.

Q. Yesterday in the interview you said that when you come into this tournament, somehow you feel good, but you haven't been able to put it together.


Q. Now with these two rounds, do you feel better about your chances of winning this one?

CARIN KOCH: Oh, yeah, definitely. You know, maybe I've just saved all these years to have a really good tournament here instead. It's a great tournament to play well in and do well in.

Q. It's easy for me to say, but considering the weather conditions, it seemed perfect. Are you surprised the scores aren't a little lower at this point?

CARIN KOCH: You know, it's playing really tough out there. I've been hitting my driver really good. Then, you know, you're fine because the greens -- you know, it's not a really, really long course. If you're just in the fairway, you're fine. But if you miss the fairway, you almost have no shot to get it to the green 99% of the time. You have to get really lucky and get a good lie. You know, the greens are really good. So, you know, I'm maybe surprised that people are not making more birdies and getting better scores that way. But I really -- no, it's just a really tough golf course.

Q. The word is the greens are hard, as far as holding, the ball is not holding that well?

CARIN KOCH: Yes. Some you can't really go at, you can't stop the ball. You just have to play for the middle of the green a lot of times.

Q. With that said, you come in and see what Pat has done. How much does that affect you?

CARIN KOCH: It was kind of fun because I had something to shoot for out there. Pat and I are good friends. I thought it would be fun to try to get ahead of the rest of the pack, you know, to play with her tomorrow. It's always fun when someone is doing well so you can kind of try to catch up.

Q. Did you come into this season with more confidence or a slightly different approach?

CARIN KOCH: Yeah, probably. You know, I haven't played that way the last couple of months, but I definitely felt more comfortable. I guess I didn't feel like I have to prove too much to myself. You know, I know I can play well under a lot of pressure now. It's just a matter of saying focused like I did the week of the Solheim Cup.

Q. Even though you haven't won on the LPGA, you do feel you can win here now?

CARIN KOCH: Yeah. You know, I don't really see a reason that I couldn't. I just have to really stay focused and trust myself on every shot. When I do that, you know, I think I have the game that it takes this weekend. Then it's just a matter if the balls are going to lip in or lip out, and I can't really do anything about that except try to hit every shot and every putt the way I want to.

Q. You and Pat are both mamas. Could you share with us a little bit of what that's like, in this case contending for a major championship, still having your kids?

CARIN KOCH: It's a lot of fun because I go home now and I'm a mom. I don't have to think about what I have to do tomorrow. I just have to think if his diaper needs changing or not. No, it's a lot of fun. I think both Pat and I have really enjoyed being moms and we both had little boys. It's just a thrill. Every day, like I said, you come home and you just stop thinking about everything that's going on and you play with him. The next morning you get ready again.

Q. So in a way, there's an advantage, would you say?

CARIN KOCH: I think so because you don't have to go to the hotel room and be bored, just wait for the round tomorrow.

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