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May 25, 2001

Carin Koch


CARIN KOCH: No. 6 I hit a wedge from about 115 yards I think to about eight, nine feet. On 7 I hit a ball either onto about six, seven feet, something like that. And let's see. I got it. I hit a 6 either on -- and I was about twenty feet and on 13 which is probably the toughest hole in the course. I was trying to make birdies there. I hit a 9-wood to about six feet, and on 16 I hit a sand wedge to about six feet.

Q. I think it was 1997 you were here and second or third round, you were in the lead; have you played here since then?

CARIN KOCH: No, I didn't want to come back.

Q. Being you won't be in the lead, but again at the top does this maybe change your liking of the course?

CARIN KOCH: I always liked the course here and I knew it was a good course for me, so it actually just hasn't really fit in the schedule in the last few years. This time of the year I end up going to Sweden a lot of times for a couple of weeks and it just hasn't fit in quite well. This year it just fit in perfect for me with the OPEN next week and I am going to Sweden the week after that. I've always liked it here and I didn't have good memories but I knew it was a great course.

Q. It was four years ago, but did you learn anything from that?

CARIN KOCH: I don't know, not really. It was just a bad situation that happened. I couldn't really do anything about it.

Q. With the weather forecast kind of iffy and chances of rain, is it almost a sense of relief to get your round over with when the conditions are fairly good?

CARIN KOCH: Yes, it was a really nice finish. For a while we were on the back 9 and it started looking really dark. We were like, okay, let's see if we could get another couple of more holes in and then it cleared up and it has been beautiful. When I flew in Monday night they said rain every day and it has been beautiful. I just hope they are wrong again with the forecast this weekend. It is much nicer for the people that want to come watch and it is more fun to play in these kind of conditions.

Q. Mentally knowing that you're close to the lead and knowing that it is very likely there are going to be a lot of low scores shot this week, does that effect your gameplan as you go into the weekend, do you think about doing things differently or try to focus on what is happening with the leaderboard and focus and try as best you can?

CARIN KOCH: I think I have to concentrate on what I do and I can't do anything about anyone else. I will try to keep doing it. It is always fun to look at the leaderboard to see what everyone else is doing. If someone is shooting a lot of good numbers then that kind of inspires me to make good birdies and I didn't hit my pro-shots as well as I would have liked today. Even though I managed to get a good score, I didn't birdie either of the two par 5s that are reachable and that is almost like two bogies today because they were both really short. So that's the two shots I feel like I kind of gave away. I played well on the other six holes. I almost hit every fairway in two rounds and I think that's what really gets you a good score out here because you are always going to have short clubs and you're going to get close and I made some really good putts. I think if I could keep doing that and maybe get birdies on the par 5s I will be doing pretty good.

Q. Did you adjust to anything between yesterday and today or decide to concentrate on anything different?

CARIN KOCH: My golf game has been really good for the last month or couple of months and I haven't been able to score as well and haven't made really many putts. My husband is counting for me this week and I knew he could help me on the greens a little bit reading the greens. He is a good putter himself and a good golfer. He has helped me out. I actually started -- I realized kind of mid after a few holes yesterday I started the same way that I have the last few months but I started missing a couple putts, but I started lining up the text on my ball to make sure I was aiming correctly and I realized that I wasn't, so you know, that's really helped in the last couple of days. And I did that I finished second in the first tournament of the year and just coming off the off-season I have had trouble aiming and then I stopped doing it. I don't know why but that's helped. I started doing that yesterday and worked on it on the putting green afterwards. At least so far I have made good putts and my speed has been better and everything's better on putting since I've been doing that.

Q. Other than the two par 5s you wished you birdied, did it seem you have been very steady not making many mistakes out there, is that how you have been playing most of the year?

CARIN KOCH: Yes, it is. And I have a new driver in the bag this week which has been working really good. It seems to go further, but still stays straight. But that's usually my game. I try to stay away from mistakes. I hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens and you ^know ^ no it ^1dose ^ doesn't help if you can't make the putts. This week I feel like I have taken advantage of the good shots, finally.

Q. Is this a tougher course to not make mistakes because it is just --?

CARIN KOCH: It is. You really have to really hit it in the fairway and focus really well. I like that type of golf where you have a landing field or airport, it feels like it's so wide. I have a hard time focusing. Sometimes I try to hit it harder. I am not a long hitter. Here I try to stand up and try to hit it in the middle and it makes it better. I think it fits me pretty good.

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