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July 1, 2012

Ross Fisher


Q.テつ Wonderful, special finish, isn't it?
ROSS FISHER:テつ Yeah it was good.テつ Felt a lot of support out there for me which was great.テつ Crowds have been fantastic, and after the weather we have had, they have just been phenomenal.
Tried to go out with a bit of a bang and 5‑under, quite a long way back but after nine holes two, eagles and a birdie, I got it to double figures.テつ Birdied 11 and I thought, if I can pick up three or four more on the back nine, really post 13, 14, might be in for a shout.
Shame to bogey the last two, but, you know, overall 66, can't be too disappointed.

Q.テつ A lovely round to finish here in some awkward weather conditions once again.
ROSS FISHER:テつ Yeah, I mean, the weather was kinder to us today.テつ We didn't have the torrential rain like we did yesterday, for at least 17 and a bit of holes we might have it.
So it was pretty tough.テつ So it was nice to get a bit of a break from the weather and thought we were just going to sneak in 18 holes, but just started to come down, 17, 18.テつ But the weather has been very indifferent this week which is hardly surprising for Ireland.
But you know, overall I think it's been a fantastic week and it's a great golf course.テつ I wish them all the best if they are trying to get The Open Championship here.テつ I think it would be a great venue.
The tournament has been fantastic this week and the fans, sold out Friday, Saturday, Sunday, that says it all.テつ We should have an event here every year, because the fans have just been absolutely fantastic this week.

Q.テつ And you can look forward to the Lytham and another links course in the meantime in Scotland, good preparation and good form?
ROSS FISHER:テつ Form is good.テつ Haven't been to Lytham for eight years now, 2004 was the last time I was there.テつ I've heard it's changed a bit and they have added a number of new bunkers.
But like I said, I'll go and have a look next Friday with myself and Adam and my coach, so go up and try to get some work done there.テつ Delighted to have qualified, and back in the majors is where I want to be.テつ Missed it for a bit so it's nice to be back.

Q.テつ And to be back in terms of the form as well, because this isn't the first.テつ There's a whole run of events now.
ROSS FISHER:テつ No, it's starting to come good.テつ Wales was a good start.テつ I wanted to press on from there and I did finish runner‑up in Sweden, which was huge, and to follow that with a great week in Germany last week, really wanted to come back to Ireland and have a good week.
Obviously the management company are from Ireland and have my family here with me.テつ It's been a really good week, staying in a house with Jo and the kids, mom and dad are here, and it's my wife's birthday to happy birthday to Jo.テつ Wanted to give her a nice birthday present; close to giving her a very special present, but hopefully the guys enjoyed it.

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