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July 1, 2012

Mikael Lundberg


Q.テつ An unbelievable start, 29 the front nine, 8‑under through ten, astonishing start?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG:テつ Yeah, it was fantastic.テつ The best start I've ever had.テつ So I was extremely pleased.テつ Everything was going my way.テつ But then you have to finish it off, which I didn't really do but I'm still happy.
The bogey on the last, I hit a drive, I didn't really catch it.テつ If it was one yard further, I would have carried that bunker and wouldn't have been any problem.テつ But and then I also missed a short putt on 16.テつ But things happen.

Q.テつ Your week here at Royal Portrush, how much have you enjoyed it and how much have you enjoyed the golf course in you obviously enjoyed the first ten today, but overall what memories will you take away?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG:テつ The course is fantastic, I love it.テつ The whole atmosphere around it, it's great.テつ I will always have this in my mind, and hopefully there will be more tournaments and I can come back here.

Q.テつ An Irish Open or a British Open, 130,000 people we are hearing through the gates over the course of the six days including the practise day and the Pro‑Am?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG:テつ It would be fantastic if they put the Irish Open, British Open, or any other tournament here; and if they do, I will be here to play.

Q.テつ The rest of the year now, what are you hoping to take from this and the second half of the year?
MIKAEL LUNDBERG:テつ I've been consistently playing slightly better the last three weeks, and hopefully it's going to get a little bit better, a little bit better, and hopefully improve my game and maybe I can sneak another win this year.

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