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July 1, 2012

Mark Foster


MARK FOSTER:テつ You know, I played good enough to win, which a lot of people will go away saying that.
But also, it was an amazing experience out there.テつ We don't get stuff like this, and the thing I liked about myself, I wanted to play with him today.テつ I know yesterday when I was playing the last, I knew if I bogeyed the last I wouldn't play with him, and I said to Tom, we've got him, and I enjoyed it.
So I felt for me that was good. But yeah, reflecting on the result, not the best.テつ Both of us out there, it was frustrating, we just kept hitting the hole and hitting the hole and that's how it was.

Q.テつ It was an amazing final round, those eight successive pars, and your reaction to the eagle was amazing.
MARK FOSTER:テつ I had not holed a putt, I don't know what it was, felt like 20‑something holes.テつ I was hitting decent enough putts.テつ They just weren't going in.テつ And then that's the sort of putt where you think, whack it down the left, hit it stone dead and goes right in the middle.テつ That's the game we play.

Q.テつ Certainly carried on in that up‑and‑down vein.
MARK FOSTER:テつ Yeah, it did.テつ 11 was a catastrophe really.テつ Got the wind wrong off the tee.テつ Greedy with the second shot.テつ Yeah, so that will be the thing tonight.テつ That will feel awful.テつ But the reaction after that will be, you know, stand me in good stead.

Q.テつ Playing with Pテδ。draig, presumably you enjoyed the experience, 30,000 people around.
MARK FOSTER:テつ Second to none.テつ Playing in The Opens, I played with Ernie when he was defending on a Sunday, which was pretty similar to that, so I've had two amazing experiences now.テつ I would say crowd‑wise, this was bigger.

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