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July 1, 2012

Darren Clarke


DARREN CLARKE:テつ Just pleased the Irish Open has turned out to be a huge event.

Q.テつ You put a lot of work in yourself.
DARREN CLARKE:テつ I just tried to help as best I could.テつ I haven't done an awful lot.テつ It's the members of Royal Portrush, The European Tour, all of the volunteers that have done all the hard work.

Q.テつ Have you been to many meetings?
DARREN CLARKE:テつ I've been to a few, yes.

Q.テつ You've been to quite a few.テつ George O'Grady said that you over‑stepped it and you did everything possible.
DARREN CLARKE:テつ I was just trying to help them, that's all.テつ It was a very special occasion for the Irish Open to come to Royal Portrush.テつ It's been such a long time since it's been up here and I just tried to help them in whatever little way I could.

Q.テつ How special a week has it been being Open Champion?
DARREN CLARKE:テつ Yeah, it's been absolutely brilliant.テつ Obviously I would have liked to have scored a little bit better than I have done.テつ But overall I think the event has been enjoyed not just by the professionals but by the spectators and everybody involved.
Just a shame about the weather.テつ Overall, it's certainly been a tournament that we would all love to come back and play again.

Q.テつ You've seen this course in all conditions, and there's been an awful lot of birdies; can you explain why that happened?
DARREN CLARKE:テつ Because it's soft.テつ The greens are soft.テつテつ This golf course was not designed to be played soft.テつ It's a links; it's supposed to be running fast and firm, and therefore there's a premium on keeping it on the fairways and keeping it out of the rough.
The greens, the ball is stopping.テつ That's why the scoring is so good.テつ Any links course you could go, you know that, Portmarnock, anywhere at all, if it plays firm and fast, that's the way links are meant to be played.テつ Unfortunately we've had some poor weather this week, which has made the course very green, very lush, and very soft.

Q.テつ The greens are relatively slow, aren't they?
DARREN CLARKE:テつ They are a little bit slow but not that slow.テつ You know, I think again, they have done a fantastic job, the Tour, and the people here at Royal Portrush to get the greens in as golf shape as they have been.

Q.テつ Does it really help ahead of Open preparations?
DARREN CLARKE:テつ It's always good to play links.テつ That's what it's all about.

Q.テつ And this has been a good shaper‑up to defend the Claret Jug?
DARREN CLARKE:テつ It's been one of those weeks where I've hit too many sloppy shots and paid the penalty for it, but overall pleased with where my game is at.

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