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July 1, 2012

Anthony Wall


For myself, I don't know what happened at the second.テつ Hit three terrible tee shots, found the second one, and then it was always going to be difficult, because on a demanding, championship golf course you're trying to find your swing; tough circumstances, which I battled along.
I held some great putts, which is great, because that's always been a weakness in my game.テつ So to have a feeling like that was great.
So I just kept going, and on the last, I had no idea where I was in the tournament.テつ I knew I was two behind, and I thought, well, if I hit the fairway, whether it be a 4‑iron or a 6‑iron, second shot, putts a bit of pressure on him.
But the shots never got any easier, whether I hit the fairway or not, it was a difficult tee shot.テつテつ So you had to hit the good shots.テつ And fair play to him.テつ Great week but overall I am disappointed I have to say.

Q.テつ After that horrible number at the second, you had to be proud of yourself the way you fought back; you could have fallen away.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ Well, I picked six shots up after that, so that says it all, even with dropping one at the last.テつ But I'm proud of myself, but obviously I will go home disappointed.

Q.テつ One of those things that I think when you reflect you'll feel a little better than do you right at the moment.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ Probably.テつ Because I expected to win today.テつ Just wasn't there.テつ I think if those tee shots had not have happened, it might have been, the way I was putting.テつ After the first three rounds, I was probably going as good as anyone, so it is disappointing.テつ As I say, there's some great hope there for the future.

Q.テつ With the trials and tribulations you've had and the back problems, it bodes well, doesn't it?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ It does, that putting is now a strength, because it's been a weakness through my career, not holing enough.テつ I've always been good on the little ones and the long ones, but mid‑range, I don't hole enough, where this week I've holed bundles and that makes me feel that I can compete, because my long game normally is pretty good.

Q.テつ And overall performance on a tough golf course in very changeable conditions?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ It's pleasing.テつ As I say, it's disappointing, but I'll take stock and move onto next week.

Q.テつ You did mention Jamie, that's a terrific victory for the man you played alongside, isn't it.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ Yeah, people have doubted him a little bit.テつ I've never doubted him.テつ He's a class act and a super, super player, and he deserves everything he gets because he does work hard and he's got loads of talent.テつ So good luck to him.

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