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June 28, 2012

Laura Robson

Heather Watson


6‑3, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You fought back well in the second set in that match.  Didn't quite work for you at the end, did it?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, I mean, that definitely wasn't an easy first round.  We've been working on a lot of things.  I think as a team we've come a long way already in just this short season that we've been playing together.
If we keep playing, I think we're going to start doing really well.

Q.  Will you have a chance to play together at all before the Olympics?
LAURA ROBSON:  I don't think I'm ranked high enough.  I think we would have to get a wild card into something.
If we don't, we'll definitely train together before and get a few tactical things sorted so we know exactly what we're doing out there.

Q.  Your doubles plans aren't formed yet?
LAURA ROBSON:  I think Heather is playing Stanford, which is in America; I think I'll be staying in Europe.  We'll definitely get lots of practice in before the Olympics, but we're still singles players.

Q.  Obviously you live lives where you travel an awful lot.  Do you get a chance to see each other at all out of the tennis environment?
HEATHER WATSON:  We go to dinner and movies and stuff.  We hang out more when we're here in England it's a lot easier, and when we're away at tournaments when we see each other.  Because now we're starting to go to more tournaments together.  Before we had different schedules.  It's more now.

Q.  Heather, you were saying you've not been sleeping well this week.  Has that still been the case last night?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, I keep waking up early.  I think it's because it's so hot and I'm on the top floor in the house.  I think it's just because I'm baking.
But I'm not complaining.  Good weather.

Q.  Plans for a good night's sleep tonight?
HEATHER WATSON:  Drink some milk, eat lots of chicken, and open the windows.

Q.  At a tournament like this, how much interaction do you have with Judy Murray?
LAURA ROBSON:  I think we've both seen her virtually every day.  She's watched all the matches, and, uhm, she fires off emails to say, Well done; you played well.
So she's definitely still a big part of the team.  I think she'll be more involved for the Olympics, I guess.

Q.  WTA is going to introduce an education process at a junior level for noise reduction on court for some of the players.  Do you think that's possible?  Is it just a natural thing?
HEATHER WATSON:  There's an educational program (smiling)?

Q.  At juniors they're going to do seminars.  I don't know how you do it.  Up to the imagination.  But is it possible to do something like that?
LAURA ROBSON:  We're not juniors anymore, so we're not going to get the educational programs.  That's a shame.

Q.  Do you think we'll see on the ladies' tour where there's somebody not making massive noise?
HEATHER WATSON:  I think some that watch‑ some, not all‑ actually enjoy it.  There's a few that go way over the top with the whole grunting.
LAURA ROBSON:  Everyone grunts.  I mean, we grunt from time to time.  We're just not as loud.  And then all the guys grunt.
HEATHER WATSON:  There's some bad guys, as well.

Q.  How nice is it that you turn up today on Court 8 and there were crowds four or five deep?  Was that a bit of a surprise or something you take in stride now?
HEATHER WATSON:  That was really nice for all those people to show up and support us.  The support here is always great.
LAURA ROBSON:  There were so many people it took us a few games to actually find our coaches.

Q.  Heather, on your game tomorrow, what do you think about her game?  What is your opinion of Radwanska?
HEATHER WATSON:  Well, I've got a DVD of her previous match, so I'll be watching that tonight.  I know she's got very good hands.  She's not necessarily the most powerful of the top players, but she's very smart and very physically fit.
So she'll be in it chasing every ball.

Q.  Heather, she's obviously highly seeded.  You've come up against top players before, like Sharapova at the US Open.  Anything you learned from that game that you can take into tomorrow?
HEATHER WATSON:  I think that game was good for me, gave me confidence, let me know where I stood.  I love getting the opportunity to play the top players 'cause it helps me gain experience and lets me know what I need to work on.
You know, we don't get to play them that often.  Well, I haven't played that many top‑10 players, so I'm really looking forward to it tomorrow.

Q.  Nothing about you at all is concerned about it?  You don't seem nervous, not worried at all.
HEATHER WATSON:  No, not at all.

Q.  Laura, we heard yesterday about Heather and her salmon breakfast.  Do you have any sort of prematch routines on court?
LAURA ROBSON:  Heather has disgusting stuff for breakfast.
HEATHER WATSON:  What?  You're just so boring.
LAURA ROBSON:  At Fed Cup she was having anchovies, or herring.
HEATHER WATSON:  Herring is good.
LAURA ROBSON:  Herring and salmon and all these things.  I was just focusing on my cereal.  Anne and Heather, they're in a world of their own at breakfast.

Q.  Do you have any superstitions?
LAURA ROBSON:  I'm not superstitious at all.

Q.  What are your thoughts on David Beckham not being included?
LAURA ROBSON:  You've been asked to ask me (smiling)?
Obviously, I'm disappointed that he's not going to be joining us in the Olympic Village.  Won't be able to stalk him (smiling).

Q.  Heather, you're building your experience against the top players.  You played another one in Miami, as well.  Will you go out there on the court tomorrow really thinking, I've really got a shot here, based on what's happened the last nine months?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, of course.  I go into every match thinking I've got a shot, otherwise there's not really much point in me even going out there.  I believe in myself, I believe in my game, and we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Q.  Any messages from anybody particularly famous?
HEATHER WATSON:  No, Rio didn't tweet me this year.

Q.  Did he do that before?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, last year.
LAURA ROBSON:  You do need it.

Q.  You were talking about how you've been more aggressive this year.  Is there a danger of getting too aggressive against Radwanska?
HEATHER WATSON:  Well, I'm not going to go over the top and just try and smack everything.  I'm going to work the point.
I know she's going to be willing to be out there all day, but so am I.  Yeah, I'm looking forward to grinding it out.

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